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What a week I have had!!!!!

I wrote last Sunday about sewer troubles, ah I was so blissfully unaware of the true nature of said problems.  I waited until Monday to call Roto-Rooter because I didn't want to pay weekend rates and we could still flush without sewage backing up into the house.

Early Monday morning I found out from Mr. Roto-Rooter that my sewer line was collapsed right at the very beginning. We were totally lucky to not have sewage in the house. He said the line needed to be replaced. Calls were made for estimates that day.

Tuesday were were evacuated from the house so that the sewer line would not be more stressed and so that a plumbing team could come in to replace the line. We became wandering gypsies and moved into a motel. Our little dog Jezzi had to be boarded at the vet's office and we were heart broken to have her away from us. The best part about being in the hotel was getting to watch HGTV. We love the shows on that channel and as we do not have cable we seldom get to watch HGTV.

Wednesday, we went back to the house to get most of what we had forgotten the day before. Our yard was multi-colored as "One Call" had been out to mark all of the buried lines, cables and etc. so the plumbing company would know where to dig. After gathering up belongings we had Chinese food and then went back to the hotel. We took naps and then watched more HGTV.

Thursday, the plumbers came and replaced the line. Supposedly we could have gotten back into the house that day but the driveway was torn up and couldn't be fixed until the plumbing inspector came by to approve the line. We didn't have anywhere to park as there is no parking on the street. So after a pizza lunch with my mom we were back at the hotel that we had checked out of earlier in the day as we had thought we'd be able to go home. We missed our dog so much we both kept getting misty eyed about her.

Also on Thursday we got to visit grandbaby Jessica, hold her and coo over her. She is so precious. We missed Rooster Poot's birthday party because of all the stress and confusion over whether we could go home or not. We did get his present to him. That was a relief.

Friday, we checked out of the hotel again. We went to buy dog food and bread at the store. We came back to the house, the driveway was still torn up but we got permission to park in a neighbor's driveway, were able to work our way around the rubble and got into the house. We took naps. I had my C-Pap machine for the first time in 3 days. I slept like a log. Later we went to go get the dog and as we left the plumbers were working on covering up the line and putting the driveway back in order. 

We drove to Jacksonville, got our little dog who was VERY excited and happy to see us and then we all came back home. When we got home the plumbers were gone and they had put together most of our driveway. We were so thrilled because when we left there was naught but red clay in the bed of the driveway.

We unloaded the car, brought little dog in and spent the evening adoring the little dog and rejoicing in being home. People told us to act like we were on vacation while we were gone. We felt more like refugees. It was stressful. However, we now have a new sewer line. We are at home and we have our little dog with us. Life is good.



Oct. 17th, 2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Wow!
Thanks Jamie we are glad to be home too. It is wonderful!




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