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Life at SageMoon Cotttage...

We are getting somewhat settled back into our semi-normal routine now that we are back home after the MAJOR SEWER REPAIRS! I tell you what a "forced" vacation can be hard on a body. Oh well, it is over now, I spend time in MY OWN BED and at MY DESK working on MY COMPUTER!  I can brew fresh tea all day long and the ice is right in the kitchen I don't have to go up a floor and down a LONG hall to get to the ice machine. There are some luxuries we take for granted.

I freely admit that I am lucky to have support from friends and family to be able to board my little dog (she would NOT do well in a motel), pay for a motel and help out with the sewer repair. Also, the plumbers know my baby brother and gave us a GREAT deal on the sewer line replacement AND they put together my driveway so I don't have to slog about in the mud. We didn't want to wait on a new driveway, we just wanted to come home and be here with our little dog. We love that little stink pot! LOL!!!

I have been less than literary for some weeks now and will be having to get into gear for NaNoWriMo. I don't want to fall behind in my pursuit of the "brass ring" this year. I won last year and am super motivated for this year. I like my idea for a fictional memoir and can't wait to get started with it. My heart says to write, write, write and yet something keeps holding me back. I hope that NaNo will do the trick for me.

I feel like I have written the above words many times and yet I may have to write them many more as I adjust back to life at home with my Teffers and our little dog. I also have to get my writing into gear beyond my sentence writing that at least makes me think for five minutes a day. I can do this, I know I can. I am inspired by my new grand baby, by my love for writing, by my zest for living and for creating a novel that will be fun to read and write. It is all part of my inspiration and I shall not fail!

I will close for now, to all my readers I simply say a heartfelt, Ciao!



Oct. 23rd, 2010 01:02 am (UTC)
Happy that you're back home and settling in again. :)


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