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Murgatroyd Boots...

I am a flummoxed slugabed who is trying to mogate around enough to be able to write about Murgatroyd boots and then maybe crawl back into my warm little bed and be a slacker who sleeps some more. (I never seem to get enough sleep!)

I lied about being a slugabed today, it was sarcasm. I have had less than three hours of sleep and would love to get a solid 4 to 6 hours of sleep in one whack but then that is not the purpose of this post, Murgatroyd boots is (are) -- my grammar is so sloppy I am not sure of which verb tense is correct. I will leave it to my editors and critics to advise me although I think that are is the correct word for the context.

Anyway back to Murgatroyd boots, in my family any large clunky boots Wellingtons, work boots, hip boots and even at times waders are referred to as Murgatroyd boots...usually Murgatroyd boots are Wellingtons or damaged waders that have been cut off so that the boot can still be used. I don't know why we call them Murgatroyd boots and I have only found out in the past few days that the rest of the world does not refer to these as Murgatroyd boots and feel that it is my obligation as a writer and as a human being to advise the rest of the world that such boots are called Murgatroyd boots. I am not sure how Murgatroyd translates in Hungarian, HIndi or Mandarin but I am sure that we can spread the word all around to the far corners of the earth to make sure that no one is ignorant about Murgatroyd boots any longer. I would appreciate your efforts in sounding the call to action and bringing this definition to the world's citizens so we can all be in the know.

Thank you for reading my plea/manifesto and for being part of the Murgatroyd brigade.



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Oct. 24th, 2010 03:35 pm (UTC)
You were right about the verb. You just move the phrases around so your original subject is in the complement part of the sentence: "Murgatroyd boots are the purpose of this post."

So saith The Mer. ;)

I want a pair of Wellingtons. You can call them Murgatroyd boots, but I still want some. I can't decide between Autumn Wellingtons and Rose Wellingtons, err, Murgatroyds, but as you know I am a big fan of flowers. Mostly for their Georgia O'Keefe properties and all the pretty colors.

As to the origin of your nomenclature (I've never used that word in a sentence before and may never again) you might try looking into the options at Heavens to Murgatroyd. I'm kinda going with Gilbert and Sullivan and the movie with Bert Lahr, but it could all be about the moor, lassie.

Oct. 25th, 2010 01:33 am (UTC)
Murgatroyd Boots...
I think I like the Autumn Murgatroyds the best but the Rose ones are nice too! LOL!!!

As for the nomenclature, I am going with Gilbert and Sullivan because my great-grandfather is the first person in my family that I know of talking about Murgatroyd boots so it goes back quite a way in my family's vernacular.

Thanks for the grammar lesson, I really should have paid more attention in school to grammar but I found it boring. Shame on me!


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