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What a time we have had!!!

Miss Teffers and I are usually stay at home kinds of folks but last week we went to the nursing home and decorated Steph's mom's room for Christmas. It looks GREAT!  Steph's mom loved it. She really seemed to enjoy the decorations and the extra attention.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom and sister. My BIL was sick and didn't come but the four of us gabbed and had a GREAT good time at Golden Corral. It was wonderful and no dishes to wash afterward. YAY!!!!

The following Sunday we went to the grocery store and were glad that the crowd wasn't too bad. They had bagged salad for .77 a bag. I have been in salad heaven. YUMMERS!

Thursday the second we got haircut and then went to visit my son who turned 33 that day. We visited with Sean Bear (son), Patricia (DIL), Nicholas (grandson), Kimbo (granddaughter) and Jessbo (new little baby granddaughter who is almost 3 months old)! We had a very good visit and learned more about Spongebob Squarepants than I ever cared to know, LOL!!!

Today, we grabbed "Dollar Menunaire" sammies from McDonald's and then went to see "Burlesque." The reviews haven't been kind but we LOVED it. Cher has a ballad that will rip your heart out. It was a fun movie and is part of Stephanie's birthday present. We got to see the movie free from gift cards that we got from our daughter Zyoh. That was a pleasant surprise because we didn't realize we had that much money left on our cards. We used them for another movie earlier in the year. I can't remember what. It isn't like we go to a lot of movies but my brain is numb. LOL!!!!

We also went to the post office and the drug store. How exciting that was! ;)

This has been a very busy 10 days for us. We are usually doing good to get out once a week. We have had lots of fun!



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Dec. 7th, 2010 01:53 am (UTC)
It sounds as if you had a wonderful time! I'm so glad. You and Steffie totally deserve it, Ardee. :) I'd love to see pics of your MIL's room, but realize you have a limited amount of time and such. I do like decorations, though!

I will keep "Burlesque" in mind. Netflix members have given it pretty good reviews already.
Dec. 7th, 2010 04:38 am (UTC)
We didn't take pictures...we carry very little in the nursing home with us because extemporaneous belongings can create havoc when someone says, "Stop thief, that's my_________." You can't always convince them that it isn't, even when it is trash. Sigh!

Our camera does not go with us. Lo siento!

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