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Happy Wednesday!!!

The clock has rolled over past midnight and it is officially Wednesday. We had a very busy Tuesday and we not only got a lot of errands run, had some fun, bought enough cat food for three months but we also got some housework done. Life is good.

I didn't feel very well last night, not sure what that was about. I still didn't feel well this morning but we sallied forth and had our day of outings. All worked out well in the end. That was good.

I am still slacking on my writing. I think I got myself overwrought during NaNoWriMo and just don't WANT to do what I know I need to do. I am don't know what this is all about but I am not going to worry about it until after the holidays. They tend to stress me out so I am just going to try to find someplace in my life where I can chill. Writing is one of those places. I am at least more or less maintaining my blog and that counts for something even if only in my own imagination. <WEG>

I have also been doing some writing prompt work, not to the extent that I was doing. No one it seems wants to play and throw out words. I don't like structured writing prompts. I just like to take words and play with them. That is my "big thrill" in life these days. LOL!!!

I am looking forward to spending time with Zyoh and Shotgun Jimmy this weekend, then the big Christmas celebration with my family Christmas eve and following that, Christmas Day with Teffer's mom. It is going to be a busy week. Of course, in addition there will be more housework. That is always so much fun. HAH!

We have to be sure to make plans for my BIL's birthday on the 30th and I have to be sure to be ready for peas and greens on New Year's day. I need to pick up some smoked ham hocks. I don't usually put ham hocks in my peas but have decided to do so for this year. Don't ask me why the notion just hit me and so I am going to have ham hocks in my peas. I want to make some Lipton Onion Soup dip for New Year's Eve like we had when I was a kid but I bet I put that on hold, too many other irons in the fire. LOL!!!

I am looking forward to 2011. I always enjoy the beginning of the new calendar year. I celebrate as many "new years" as I can because I always like fresh starts! You just can't get enough of a good thing. WOOT!

Well, I will close for tonight.



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Dec. 16th, 2010 02:03 pm (UTC)
Who are Zyoh and Shotgun Jimmy? I am intrigued! Please describe.

Do you put the peas and greens together in one pot? Or are you doing two separate dishes for New Year's?
Dec. 16th, 2010 07:50 pm (UTC)
Zyoh and Shotgun Jimmy...
Zyoh is our 28 year old daughter and Shotgun Jimmy is her boyfriend. (Don't ask me were the Shotgun part came from I don't know! He doesn't hunt!)

I cook peas and greens separately. They can mix together on my plate but not in the pot. That will not do. LOL!!!!

Dec. 30th, 2010 10:18 pm (UTC)
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Jan. 16th, 2011 06:52 pm (UTC)
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