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Cool Yule is already started...

Last night we celebrated with Zyoh and Shotgun Jimmy so the holiday season has begun in earnest. We don't do holiday parties or events, heck, we barely do holiday shopping but we do like to try to get together with family to celebrate the season. We will see Zyoh and Shotgun on Christmas Eve too but we did our small family celebration with them to kick off the holiday season. We had dinner and gift exchange. It was great fun and a nice quiet way to start the week's festivities.

We need to go see Bear Boy and give the grands their Christmas gifts sometime this week. Right now I think they are in Mississippi but they should be home by mid-week. This is baby Jessbo's first Christmas and we want to see her little smiley face.

Christmas Eve will be spent at my sister's house with most of the family and that should be a rollicking good time. I look forward to the celebration with friends and family. Hopefully we won't have rain like we did last year. That was really something!

Christmas Day we will go to the nursing home to see Steph's mom and celebrate Christmas with her. Then things will settle down a few days before we have my BIL's birthday celebration and then get ready for our quiet little New Year's Eve time of watching the ball drop and then have peas and greens on New Year's Day.

Whew, we will be busy bees.

Mom is going to the Mayo Clinic with her sister Nancy.  I hope that they fare well and that mom does okay the colder temperatures. She is not used to that kind of cold. Hopefully most of her time will be spent in nice heated buildings. They really don't know what all will happen when they get there. It is really just a hope that something can be done to help Nancy with the pain in her hip. I pray that it can be fixed.

So, the next few weeks will be busy ones. Hope the weather holds because there are doctors appointments scattered throughout as well. It is going to be very interesting.



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