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On becoming a stalker...

On a relatively peaceful Christmas Eve afternoon, I became a stalker. I didn't do it to be mean or vicious. I only had the best intentions in mind. Let me start at the beginning so you will see the innocence of my act.

Stephanie and I were getting ready to head to my sister's house for the family Christmas shindig, as we live near a mall, I said, "Let's go drive by the mall to see how many idiots are still out shopping." (Yes, I used the word idiot, I am not proud of it but I am recounting this tale as faithfully as I can.) Stephanie thought that sounded like a FUN way to kill a few minutes on Christmas Eve, so we loaded up in the car, first went to Wendy's to get our drinks to sustain us during our 20 mile trek and then we headed toward the mall to check out the status of the aforementioned idiots.

As we were driving down the street, a SUV pulled out in front of us, exiting a gas station and wouldn't you know it, the driver had failed to close the gas cap or shut the little "flappy thingy" on the car. Well, it was raining at a pretty good clip and I could tell by the direction of the gas dohicky that the driver was going to get rain in her/his gas tank and that would be BAD for the car, I was worried about the car, Stephanie tried to honk at the driver to get his/her attention but it didn't help, he/she probably thought there was just some jerk behind them trying to hurry them along. We would never do something like that and only honk when it is important or when we are waving at  a friend.

Well, the driver pulled into a shopping center about a block before the mall, it looked like we had failed in our quest to be of assistance in helping them to prevent getting water in their gas tank. As I watched the vehicle disappear into the parking lot I just couldn't stand it. I asked Stephanie to make a turn so that we could go into the parking lot from the other side (we had already passed the drive that the other vehicle had used) so we could try to find them to tell them about their gas cap being off. It really worried me. I would want someone to help ME if the shoe was on the other foot, so in all of the holiday traffic we pull into this big shopping center looking for a silver SUV crossover of some kind. The parking lot was FILLED with silver cars. I began to doubt the wisdom of my quest when I saw the car right in front of Starbucks, but of course, a SUV crossover owner couldn't get coffee at the same place they bought their gas, NOOO...they had to go to Starbucks and there they were just waiting for me to save their gas tank from getting filled with rain.

Stephanie pulled behind them, there were not parking places handy and I went to the driver's window, knocked on the window and this well dressed Preppie kind of guy looked out the window at me like I was a crazy woman for standing in the rain knocking on his window. I motioned for him to roll his window down. He rolled it down the barest amount for communication, I told him, "We have been following you since you left Doublebee's and have honked to try to get your attention. Your gas cap is not on your tank and you are getting rain in your gas line." At first he looked at me like I had totally lost it and then my words sank in. He thanked me and prepared to get out of the car to put the gas cap on but I got in my car, shook the rain off, told Steffie my story and we were taking off with me safely in my seat belt before he got out of his car. I do not move fast but I guess he thought that since I had just admitted to "stalking" him that perhaps there needed to be some space between he and I before he disembarked his car.  I really don't know what he was thinking but I do know that I would not have been able to enjoy myself if I hadn't done something to help him about the gas cap thing.

Upon leaving the shopping center which was full but not crazy, we went by the mall which was across the street, Holy Moley, there were cars on top of cars with people still shopping to get finished up. Even more interesting was the fact that at a new Super Target across the street the other way, there were even MORE cars whizzing around everywhere trying to shop and park than there were at the mall. It was insane.

I am glad I do most of my Christmas shopping online and in small shops. I do not go to the mall. I am not certifiable although one silver SUV driver who had a missing gas cap might have argued that point even though I went out of my way to help him.



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