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The might be my last blog post of 2010...

but then who knows, there are almost 3 hours left in 2010 CST and I might decide to write another blog post too. It COULD happen.

I had someone who I think is from Down Under "find" my blog and compliment it the other day, now that was cool. It is fun when someone actually likes my blog and isn't trying to spam my readers, I am not a big fan of spam unless it comes in a can and is spelled, "SPAM" in capital letters.

Today has been kind of low key, the nice way for a year to end. We have been home with the little dog, watched the news and just chilled out. We did get lucky because our part of the state avoided severe weather. In the NW corner of the state they weren't so lucky and three people died today because of a tornado. That was sad to think of people losing their lives like that. What is even sadder is that a bunch of people will die or be hurt because of drunk drivers tonight! Mother Nature will do what she will do but humans don't have to get behind the wheel drunk. It is just crazy.

I admit to having driven after drinking in the past and I was a FOOL for doing so. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. I got lucky and I am glad that I didn't hurt or kill anyone. I don't know if I'd be able to live with myself if I had.

Today I heard a quote from Dean Martin in which he said, "Pack up your troubles and worry about them tomorrow. If you are lucky someone will break into your house and steal them tonight." Wise words from Dino. I packed up my troubles and sorrows in two suitcases. I left the suitcases unlocked and put them out the back door. I hope someone finds them and totes them off, I was trying to facilitate the process. You know what I mean jelly bean!

I am looking forward to 2011, lots of new things on the horizon and I hope that it is the best year yet. I am ever the optimist. Besides the future is a blank slate just waiting for a new story to be written on it. How can anything be any better than that? LOL!!!

I guess I will sign off for now but who knows, I may be back before the ball drops. It is possible. Right now I need a fresh glass of tea though so that takes precedence over writing more!

To all my friends, especially my Jaybo, Happy New Year!



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