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Archeological expeditions...

Archeological expeditions have been taking place at the familial home of a friend of mine. I will call him "Stu" and Stu has been visiting at his mother's home for Christmas. Stu is around 49 and has been prowling around in his mother's kitchen drawers, closets, baskets and bins. In the process he has found a plethora of items from the sixties, seventies and eighties. These have been things like "El Marko" markers, napkins (in good condition) from a restaurant that has been out of business for more than 10 years (likely the napkin was from a branch that closed more than 30 years ago), "Dip It" for cleaning coffee and tea stains from melamine and a furniture polishing cloth distributed by JC Penney's in 1970. It has been quite the unearthing of old "treasures" and Stu had had fun posting about it on Facebook and poking fun at his mother. This is a man who once considered entering the priesthood, where is the honor thy mother conviction in his actions. I just don't know. Stu, you made me laugh but I am glad I am not your mother.

I need to excavate my back room sometime before hell freezes over. I have more cardboard boxes stored back there than you can shake a stick at, there was a time that I needed to save the boxes to ship things from my eBay business but since my eBay venture has gone to hell in a hand basket I don't need all those cardboard boxes. They really, really need to GO!!!! I am glad I don't have a nosy son going through them. Heaven only knows what HE would post on Facebook. I shudder to think.

I have started 2011 off at a slow pace but need to pick up the tempo. There are doctor appointments this week, hopefully that will jump start me.I do have to say that I have my daddy's birthday present purchased. I was two weeks ahead on that and I have helped keep tabs on my daddy while my mom has been at the Mayo Clinic with my Aunt Nancy.  So the past three days haven't been a total loss in my world although it seems that they may have been in my Aunt Nancy's life...the doctors at Mayo are not going to be able to help her and she is in severe, unending, chronic pain. There has to be an answer for her out there somewhere. I don't believe that she should have to spend the rest of her life which could be long in horrible pain. When the Mayo Clinic can't help you however, it really leaves one twisting in the wind.

I will quit babbling now and hope that the neutralizing energy I send out toward the pain that my aunt is in will be of benefit to her. It certainly can't hurt.



Jan. 5th, 2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
I'm glad Stu's not my son. What a field day he'd have! I've just decided I'm not lettin' anyone in my stuff until after I'm dead and don't care what my kids post on the Internet.

I'm sorry about your Aunt Nancy, Ardee. The it about the nerve-blocking thing I mentioned on FB arises from an experimental implant used on my mom to good effect. It didn't take care of all the pain, but she could adjust it like a TENS machine. I don't think it's experimental anymore, either.

Joining you in New Year's excavation--
Mer xoxox


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