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Cranky cats and little dogs...

Doesn't the cat in the picture look sweet, she can be sweet but she can also be EVIL!!!! We are having HORRIBLY cold weather with snow and so she is staying in the house as the other cats beat her up and won't let her stay in the warm place under the house. Even in 15 degree weather our cats have warm ears when they are in their little cubby so they stay even warmer than we do.

Anyway, Ruthie has had to come in because the other cats are ganging up on her and won't let her under the house. They beat her up. WELL, she has decided that since she is in the house she can be EVIL to the little dog, it is that pecking order thing. I am NOT going to let her be mean to the little dog. All the little dog wants to do is play with Ruthie and be her buddy. Ruthie wants to be an a**hat and act ugly, ugly, ugly to the little dog. Tonight she cornered the little dog several times and threatened her if she came near so she could be "un-cornered." Well, enough was enough...I put said cat in the carrier and left her there for a few hours.  After that she got some tuna and is now sleeping on my bed.

Stephanie has the little dog in her room with the door shut so that the little dog will be settled and hopefully the cat will stay settled. I am rolling my eyes at how hateful Ruthie is being. She has NEVER been ugly to one of our dogs before but they were all bigger than she is. Ruthie is a little cat, she looks like an adolescent kitten but is really almost 13 years old. The little dog isn't as tall as Ruthie even though she is heavier. I am so ashamed of Ruthie's behavior. I know she is old and cranky (actually she is the youngest of our cats) but darn the little dog hasn't done a thing to hurt her or be mean to her. Really, cats and dogs should be able to live in peace.

You see such things in internet email forwards all of the time, why don't they happen in our everyday lives. Okay, they do happen sometimes, my cat Jane LOVED our Shepherd Mix Beaver. Beaver was scared of little bitty Jane but Jane LOVED and I mean L-O-V-E-D that dog. I am sure she still misses our Beaver. Beaver is pronounced BAY-ver. (Don't ask me I didn't name her!)

I hope tomorrow is a better day with Ruthie and little dog. I am heartbroken about how nasty Ruthie is being. It hurts the little dog's feelings.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket and I am worried about cats and dogs. Well, that's just me being me!



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