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What a lovely day!

Actually I have had a GREAT week, we got snowed in and it was nice just being warm and cozy in the house. We did have some cat and dog issues that I blogged about but other than that things have been great. Friday, the snow melted enough that we could get out. Steffie had cabin fever and so we went to the DollarTree to get Valetine's decorations to put up in her mom's room at the nursing home. Due to Steph's oral surgery and the snow we are a little late getting Christmas down, but on Tuesday we will go to a care plan staffing regarding her mom's ongoing care and then we will go visit with Steph's mom, take down Christmas decorations and get her ready for Valentine's. We need to be sure to get her a couple of Almond Joy bars to eat too. That will make her a very happy Mamaw!

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful but we stayed in and did stuff around the house. I had some eBay auctions go off and I actually had some sales. YAY!!! Now I have to pack tomorrow and then we will ship on Tuesday when we are out.

Today we celebrated my daddy's 76th birthday and my BIL's 71st birthday. We had a big family celebration and went out to eat at Golden Corral. It was rather crowded and busy but all in all things went okay. We enjoyed visiting. We found out that Nick (my brother) and Teresa (my SIL to be) have set a wedding date so we had even more to celebrate. We all love Teresa and are so glad that Nick has found someone who really loves him. I just love happy ever after romances.

After we came home I watched the end of the Golden Globes, then the news, I got on line after than and then spent an hour listening to a David Sedaris CD. I laughed so hard I couldn't believe it. The man is a hoot in a handcart.

All in all despite some dog and cat issues it was a practically perfect day. I try to appreciate the beauty of each day and celebrate its wonderful moments. We never know when it will all be taken away from us and so I try to live and love every single minute. I am not always successful but I do make the effort.



Jan. 18th, 2011 06:26 pm (UTC)
our busy week...
We expected the snow so we were ready for it when it arrived. We didn't have to fret about a single thing. That was nice. It isn't always that way!!!

You might have a survival issue or two but don't we all. LOL!

We have had lots of good stuff happening it has been pretty nifty golifty!



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