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Cat Scat on the Sneaker...

Yesterday Teffers stepped in cat poo as she was moving the trash can for us to be able to get out of the driveway and go run errands. There is nothing like stepping in cat poop when you are getting ready to spend time out in public. She was not happy. I was happy, that it was not me. I don't take dealing with feces very well at all, you could say that I get in a VERY bad mood about such things. Yes, you could certainly say that and it would be true, true, true!

Steffie did the scrape the cat cr*p off you shoe into the grass, was satisfied that she had gotten it all and then entered the car where she promptly asked me if I smelled cat poo. Well, when I started sniffing she got irritated with me and told me to stop it. I advised her that she had ASKED for input and that unless I did the sniffing thing I couldn't tell her if I smelled cat sh*t or not. (She hates it when I do the sniff, sniff, sniff thing.) Stephanie then said that if I didn't just SMELL the cat poop without having to sniff around then things were okay. I took her word for it and got ready for what seemed to be a less than pleasant trip to the grocery store.

I never did smell any cat scat for which I was grateful (Gag, gag!) So we went to the store and parked to go in and shop. As we were walking into the store I was behind Stephanie and saw serious evidence of cat cr*p on her shoe, calmly advised her of the situation, mentioned the Clorex sanitizing sheets available right there at the store and told her that she could go to the car to take care of her shoe. Well, Steph had NO intention of going back to the car to attend to this matter, couldn't seem to get a Clorox sheet and was just going to shop with cat doo on her shoe. (Gag, gag!)

One of the store employees helped her to get a Clorox sheet, she pretended to wipe off the cart handle and then went outside the door to get the cat fecal matter off of her shoe while I stood quietly in the foyer acting like it was normal for me to just stand around like a lump on a log.
Stephanie returned with a less sullied shoe and then we shopped. (Thank heavens for Clorox sheets in the store.)

After we got home and brought in the groceries Stephanie put her cat sh*t shoe in a clean box of cat litter. I was scared to ask but in the interest of blogging I gathered up my resolve and inquired of Stephanie why she had put her shoe in the box of cat litter. When she looked at me as if to say, "Why are you asking me this question?" I told her I needed to know so that when I blogged about this incident I would know WHY her shoe was in a box of cat litter. I got an evil look in response to my answer but she said the the litter would absorb the scent of the little bit of cat poop that was still in the grooves of her shoe. (Gak, gak!) She went on to say that the litter would help to get the rest of the cat doo out of the sole of her shoe. I didn't understand her reasoning on this point but I know when to just keep my mouth shut and nod my head knowingly, which I did quite convincingly.

Our little dog Jezzi could smell the cat doody and was trying to tear down the gate between the back room (where the darned shoe was) and the kichen. She did not give up all evening even though she made no progress. I for one was GLAD she didn't get to the shoe because she would have rolled on it. (Gag, gag!)

Stephanie remarked that it was not nice that I was going to blog about her incident with cat scat but I advised her that this is what blogs are for, to tell about interesting tidbits in the day. So, here I am telling about her embarrassing moments with cat poo, Clorox sheets and employees of the local grocery store. I am such a GOOD girlfriend. LOL!



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