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The little dog is miffed...

Teffers is going to bed. The little dog shares her bed, the little dog was asleep and Teffers woke her up in the midst of getting ready to go to bed. This ticked little dog off ROYALLY!!!! So little dog has trotted out her into the living room where she is digging to China in my chair to get it just right and comfy for her so she can go back to sleep undisturbed and unperterbed.

What the little dog doesn't know though is that I am getting ready (or should I say I am fixin') to get up and make a fresh glass of tea. This will annoy the little dog further and she MAY decide to go back and get in bed with Steffie even though she just spent a great deal of time adjusting my chair to her satisfaction.

Jezzi (the little dog) is such a rooster poot and makes me laugh so hard that sometimes I don't know what to think about her. She is just a mess and a half!

At this point I do need to write on a more serious topic. Last week I wrote about the little dog and the cat driving each other crazy and the less than positive effect it was having on me. WELL, right after I completed that post, I read a post by a woman who had survived breast cancer in her twenties, after being a five year survivor decided it was safe to have a child and in two years gave birth to a baby and now thirteen years later has stage four pancreatic cancer with lesions on her liver. She had just been diagnosed with the pancreatic/liver cancer. I felt like a turd. Here I was bemoaning the cat and dog being wild and crazy beasts and this woman with a thirteen year old child is dying. My heart goes out to her so much that I can scarcely stand it. I understand. In 1984 when my son was just six I found out that I had systemic lupus. I had probably had it for a long time but it hadn't been diagnosed before. I was told my prognosis was poor. At that time I made the only bargain/plea I have ever made with the Universal Divine. I asked to be allowed to live until my son was eighteen. That was all I wanted. I didn't want him to end up in the custody of his father and I wanted to be around until he was legally an adult. I got my wish. I have gotten another 15 years on top of it.

If I should die tomorrow and I am a fairly young woman at 53 I would not utter a regret one. I lived to see my son turn eighteen so that he could make his own decisions about how he was going to live his life and was legally an adult. That was all I wanted. I have never asked that pain be taken away or for any other favors. I have gladly taken whatever life has tossed my way and it is a lot. I don't believe in bargaining with the Divine but on that day in 1984 you can bet I bargained up a storm. It was worth it.

I would love for the woman suffering from pancreatic cancer to be able to see her child become an adult. I don't see that happening but she does have a loving husband who is the child's father and I hope that he is a faithful guardian to the child when its mother is gone.

As I have written this post some nonsense has happened out on my street and the little dog is "on patrol" huffing around like she is Rin Tin Tin or something. Chihuahua's can be mighty lionish sometimes.

Much love to all!



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