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Just another day in paradise...

I wrote my mother an email late this evening to find out how things are at the "sugar shack." I am sure that she and daddy are back to being honeymooners because they have so much practice at same.

I do expect they have been busy at the flea market this week while the weather has been nice trying to get things ready for it to open again in February. Mom will freeze her buns off when they reopen but she always looks forward to getting back at it.

We ran some errands earlier today, went to the post office, then of course, I had another sale waiting for me when I got home. I am not complaining about making money mind you but I hate having to make too many trips to the post office, carbon footprint and all that jazz. We had a nice dinner together and then took late naps. I don't know what the late naps are about. We get up around nine and then are DEAD about six pm so we take late naps but are still ready for bed (most of the time) around midnight or so. Our sleeping patterns are weirder than ever. LOL!!!

I have done some work around the house and still need to do more. Housework is a never ending process. I wish we had finally entered the age of "The Jetsons" but alas we have not. I could certainly use Rosie the Robot to help me keep the house clean. LOL!!!!

I am craving some of the hot cocoa that Sunshine, my SIL to be, made for Christmas. I may have to indulge in a cup before I go to bed, we will see, as my eyes are getting droopy. Hot cocoa, my bed calling...the bed may win tonight.

Steffie has a migraine. She hasn't had one this bad in a while. I hope it is better in the morning. Migraines can be hell.

Well, I guess I will close, no real adventures today, just enjoying the improved weather and the fact that life is sweet.



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