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I'm feeling snarky...beware...

if I go to read one more writer's blog and it is about branding and building a platform I am likely to SCREAM terrorizing the daylights out of my girlfriend and our little dog. I don't know how many times it needs to be said BUT if you don't have a freaking book, list of short stories, something to SELL, then branding and platforming is a huge exercise in mental masturbation that needs to be set aside until you have actually produced something to promote. It you do otherwise you are just gabbling around like a toothless parasite who needs to be put out of your misery.

My friend, author Jamie DeBree, is doing marketing, brand building and creating a nice platform but she has books written. She has completed serialized novels that will be printed soon. She has a product and as she actually has something to PUT OUT THERE AND SELL, I applaud her and her wonderful efforts to not only market herself and her brand but also to share the knowledge that she has gathered in the process of publishing her books and getting them sold. Jamie was not fooling around building a brand before she had something to market. To Jamie I say, well done.

I wish that other authors would follow in her footsteps and actually work on producing something before tooting their own horn. I have another author friend, Simon C. Larter, who has written several flash fiction pieces, is working on a novel and has a blog that is fun to read. He does engage in self-promotion but he has stories that he has produced for his audience to read. Also, while there is a level of seriousness in Simon's banter, he also has fun with his blog and promotion so one doesn't feel that he is engaged in puffery and self aggrandizing.

Jamie and Simon are two authors who have it right, wait until you have something to market before spending time "branding" and "building a platform" for works that may never see the light of day even in your own blog. I am not saying that you have to be published and on the NYT bestsellers list before marketing yourself but you need to have something to show your audience that you really are a writer, you aren't just writing about becoming a writer and therein lies the difference.

Market away once you have a product, until then, I suggest, creating a product to market and sell.



Rebeca Schiller
Feb. 7th, 2011 02:01 pm (UTC)
I was planning to do a branding post, but decided against it. Not so much from a writer's perspective, but from a former marketer's point of view. But to be honest, the whole topic just bores me. It's a snore to write and to read.


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