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Ah the joys of Facebook...

I lead a sheltered life but since discovering Facebook I can live vicariously through other people and enjoy amazing adventures that involve Tasmania and other native excursions that would never happen to a crazy old cat woman like me. It is all very amusing.

Also on Facebook I have found classmates from many years past that I have reconnected with in the most delightful way. There are people who never even SPOKE ten words to me in school who actually carry on conversations with me on Facebook. It is simply amazing what time, distance and virtual reality can do for a relationship.

I just read a blog post by Neil Gaiman in which he talks about someday having to come to terms with characters he never managed to write about, this is interesting because earlier today I had the same reckoning and I didn't even have to die to get there. Too bad Neil got his epiphany written about before I got mine done. Oh well, even if I had written mine first there would still be some Bozos who thought I had been "gakking" off of Neil. When really he could have been stealing my work. LOL!!!

Neil also wrote about a recipe that Wil Wheaton had requested on Twitter and I thought about how CRABBY it would make Sheldon Cooper to know that Neil was kindly exchanging recipes with Wil Wheaton. Oh well, maybe he wouldn't mind too much because really the recipe didn't sound like something that Sheldon would even eat. Oh and BTW Neil, if you should read this you CAN do the freezer trick with Silken Tofu, it really does work with it too but it must be sliced as you specified and regular old tofu can be frozen in solid blocks. I have been using frozen tofu for over 34 years now so I have a little experience with it. I will say that it is so much easier being able to buy tofu in the cooler and not have to make it yourself.

I had gone to bed earlier but was awakened by my bladder, heavens how I wish that thing would sleep through the night. I can't tell you how many wonderful nights of sleep have been RUINED by my demanding bladder. BAH!

Well, I guess I shall close for now with one last comment. I found out that a former school mate and his wife are called, "Deebo" and "Ya-Ya" by their grandchildren. Isn't that precious? I thought Tonto and Noni were fun but Deebo and Ya-Ya take the cake.



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