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In either 1993 or 1994 my sister and I went for a weekend jaunt to Ohio where she was judging a dog show. I hadn't been to Ohio in several years and she wanted a traveling companion so off I went with her. Oh what a trusting soul I was.

Well, after we drove all night to get to the town in Ohio where the dog show was going to be and where we would be staying, we found that the woman who had hired Barb as the dog show judge had only made a reservation for a ONE bed hotel room. This would not work. It was August and it was HOT and my sister and I are both LARGE women. We needed two beds.

My sister made arrangements at the desk. We found our room, had to climb stairs to get to it, were glad to see an ice machine RIGHT BY THE DOOR as we went into the room and as we walked in the door all celebrating ceased. It was 3 am, the room was hot as HE** and we were dead tired. We turned on the a/c which hadn't been on because they were not expecting "guests" in that room but the air blew out cold, we knew that with glasses of ice water and cold showers we could cool down and get some sleep.

So, we both tinkled. Then I got the ice bucket to go get ice from the machine RIGHT BY THE DOOR. It was not working, in fact, it reeked of mold. We called the desk to find out where to get ice and learned that we had to go back downstairs and on the FAR side of the complex. We put our shoes back on, got in the car to drive to the ice machine because we were too tired to walk that far. We get to this HUMONGOUS ice machine and there are a few cubes on the very bottom of the machine and that is it. We were alternating between being testy about this situation and being slap happy because we were so tired and this was all so ABSURD!

Well, because I have the longest arms, I get bent over in the machine and am trying to scrape ice off of the bottom. My sister was SUPPOSED to be holding onto my ankles. Well, guess what, she let go and I fell head first into the bottom of this HUGE ice machine. This was NOT sanitary but I was laughing and my sister was laughing and I was STUCK in the ice machine.

I finished filling up our ice bucket with clean ice that I hadn't rolled on yet and then managed to climb out of the ice machine with some slim modicum of dignity intact. We took our ice bucket to our hotel room, got naked, tinkled again, made drinks, took cold showers, commented that the room was cooling down and finally went to bed. (It was nice and cool in the ice machine by the way.)

The next day we laughed all over again about my sister dropping me on my head in the ice machine. We were glad the next morning that it was FULL of ice and that we did not have to deal with the ice that was left behind on the BOTTOM of the ice machine. That was just the BEGINNING of our fun trip to Ohio!



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