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My mother...

encourages me to write, never understands why I don't "do more" with my writing and always wonders if I am going to "get paid." I'd love to get paid and have markets that would pay but don't know how mom would feel about those markets. Maybe I could just write get paid and not tell her where I am writing. LOL!

The big issue of why I don't "do more" with my writing is EDITING. I understand that EDITING can make a story better but it can also RIP THE HEART out of the piece of writing involved. I DO NOT LIKE THIS.  I don't mind constructive criticism and suggestions but DON'T TRY TO MAKE MY STORY SOMETHING IT ISN'T! Whew, I am glad I got that out of my system.

I have a story I am working on that is actually a BIG break for me and NO I am NOT getting paid. (Harlan Ellison would spit on me.) I got an email about edits today. I did not like some of the suggestions. I thought they sucked actually, but I sat down and rewrote my story. My original story had 600 some words, the suggested edits had over 800 and I ended up with 1009. Although I hadn't been happy about the edit suggestions I was happy with the way I used them and recreated the story. It worked. BUT WAIT it was an ASSISTANT who made the editing suggestions...the main editor did not want my story FLESHED OUT in fact she wanted it cut to UNDER 600 words. So all of my work from earlier this evening is sort of in the PISSER but I have re-framed my feelings about this and will just rewrite it into a personal essay and market it. (Maybe I'll get paid mom, you too Harlan...I know you are there with mom about the getting paid business. Search You Tube for Harlan Ellison "Pay the Writer, you will then understand these comments about Mr. Ellison.)

Anyway, so NOW I have to take my story and GUT IT taking out key elements so that it will come in under 600 words. I want to do this story and be part of this event. I want to have the opportunity to do more stories for this venue so I am making the edits WITH A SMILE! I just wish I hadn't gotten conflicting information and had already rewritten my story only to do so again. This is the LIFE of being a writer REVISION and EDITING.
I am passionate about my writing and would prefer to just write my stories and let them sit than to have them EDITED TO DEATH. I think this view is not popular among people who want their writing taken seriously and actually have something DONE with their writing.

So mom, it is because I end up BLEEDING ALL OVER THE PLACE that I don't do more with my writing. Not everyone loves it like you do and they actually DO NOT LIKE SOME OF IT. I am compelled to write. I do it every day. It is my life but I think I need to toughen up some. Rejection letters are easier to deal with than edits, edits, edits. That's just me. I am too invested in those words I manage to wrestle out and actually get written down. They are my heart and I wear my heart on my sleeve. SIGH!



Mar. 17th, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
::mops up all the spilled blood::

::tucks your heart in your chest::

::gives you big hugs::

I vote for not telling Mom what the markets are! :) I aspire to the Calyx Journal, but my work may not be a very good fit.

I can appreciate your frustration with the editing. I'm very sensitive, so I was lucky to get someone nice and gentle critique my poetry. (I was coming off like Emily Dickinson in my cover letter, which might have had something to do with her kindness.)

Harlan does have a point. But it's hard to get to the place where people will pay you money. (I have friends who always want their editing for free, too. I have to tell them no.) I've been paid in copies, but I did those so that in the future if I have to write one of those biographical blurbs, I can say I contributed to Such and Such and edited This and That. Doing that is slightly more interesting than saying I've got a degree in something and mentioning the subject of my thesis. Otherwise the blurb would just say "Meredith stays home most of the time and doesn't have a life." That's not to say I wasn't jazzed to see my name in print. :)

Personally, I would rather get suggestions for an edit than all out rejection, especially if the suggestions are good. When you get something in writing from an editor, who is generally busier than all get out, it means that at least you're headed in the right direction.
Mar. 18th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
I was feeling dramatic...
I am better now. Thanks for your note. I appreciate it. You are a peach.

I will have to look at the Calyx Journal link later. I am EDITING and that will take some time. I have to lose more than 400 words of blood, sweat and tears (more drama).

I LOVED Harlan's piece. I KNOW where he is coming from but I know I will still work for free just to see my work in print. I am a harlot that way! !

All my love,



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