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Sweet Sucre in NOLA...

So here I am, stuck in Little Rock, Arkansas feeling like a starved dog. The vanilla yogurt I ate has NOT helped and I run into an ad for Sweet Sucre Macaroon shop in New Orleans.  www.shopsucre.com/  They have chocolates, they have lattes, they have macaroons, they have chocolate macaroons and I am drooling all over the place like Wiley Coyote after the Road Runner. I want to be there NOW but instead I will probably be eating some shredded wheat here in SageMoon Cottage wishing for something nasty delicious that is probably bad for me anyway.

I posted a picture of my little Kimbo's tootsies because surely they are as sweets as anything in the macaroon shop although her foot is much bigger now. She will always be my little tootsie girl. What a sweetie.

I have been awake for more than THREE hours now, have consumed massive quantities of iced tea and really wish the pain in my body would subside so I could get a little more sleep. It would be so sweet. Almost as sweet as a chocolate covered macaroon with a Mocha latte to go.

I feel kind of sad because I will probably never get to see my beloved New Orleans again. It has been twenty years this month since I got to visit and well, with life being as it is, I suspect that it will be another twenty years and I will still be dreaming of Pere Antoine's, the Monteleone and Cafe DuMonde. Ah well, I have my memories and they are sweet. That is something to cherish.

So as I listen to the birds, watch the sun dancing in the sky, I send out a little wish to the Universe to see New Orleans one more time and yet I feel guilty for such a petty little wish when so many have lost so much in Japan. I am just a blip on the radar and there are so many needs in the country half way around the world from here.

Hope that you have  a beautiful day.



Mar. 19th, 2011 06:16 pm (UTC)
Re: to Mer...
I am with you on the prayers and energy sends.

Hugs to you,



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