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It's Saturday!!!!

Stephanie and I are flying on very little sleep. We seem to have shared insomnia. Isn't that a heck of a note? -=P We went to bed about 6:45 am...I know I was up 3 times to go tinkle and at around 11 am I gave up any pretense of sleep as did Stephanie. We are going to be cranky girls later today. :(

The sun is shining the birds are singing the temperatures aren't too hot. It is a LOVELY day for SLEEPING!!!! LOL!!!!

We did get out last night to see the moon and cannot WAIT to see it tonight, hopefully there won't be too many clouds. Last night the moon was beautiful. If it is better tonight I will be amazed.

Today we will probably go to the grocery store, mail a couple of packages and play with the little dog. That should be number one on the list you know, playing with the little dog. She is such the cute potato.

I have a busy week coming up. I will be doing the radio show in front of a live audience on Tuesday, Friday we will have a birthday dinner in my honor with my son Sean, DIL Trish, grandchildren Nicholas, Kimbo and Jessbo; Saturday there is an engagement party for my brother Nicholas and it also happens to be my birthday; then Sunday we will go to my favorite Chinese buffet to celebrate my birthday with the family. We will also celebrate my nephew Hunter's girlfriend Kim's birthday too. Stephanie made her a WONDERFUL necklace for her birthday.

I usually only get out once a week or so, I have FOUR engagements next week. EEK!!! How WILL I hold up? I just don't know. Also I am getting all kinds of freebies for "food" from Chili's, TCBY, IHOP and Famous Dave's. We won't be able to take advantage of all of them but WOWZER. Even if we just do one that will be fun!!! WOOT!!!!

I am going to gain 10 pounds just celebrating my birthday. I will have to diet hard afterward, that is for SURE!

Have a great weekend! See you soon!



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