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Pink Easter Shoes...

Easter was coming. I was 6 or 7 which means my baby sister was 3 or 4, we didn't know much about Easter except that the Easter Bunny would be coming bringing us Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. We were excited.

We also knew that church was involved, I don't know how much I really thought about the Christian aspects of Easter at that time even though I was in Catechism class at the local church, St. Gregory the Great, in Houston, Texas. I was aware that we would be getting all dressed up in special outfits for church and that it was a different Mass than the usual Sunday mass. I would like to say that I understood all of the implications of Easter but I cannot say that. I can only say that I knew the Easter Bunny was coming and that Church was involved.

The Friday night before Easter daddy got paid and mama had daddy take us to the local shopping center so that she could get Easter shoes for us. There hadn't been money for such fancy items until pay day and since mama knew our shoe sizes we were left to sit in the car with daddy at the shopping center while mama went on a frantic search for Easter shoes for the two of us.

I don't remember all that we talked about with daddy because I was so young but we spent time playing, talking and singing. Daddy did some practicing of his square dance calling because there would be a square dance the next evening and he would be the featured caller. It was very special having daddy be the primary square dance caller. It meant that everyone knew who we were and that we had to be extra well behaved because our behavior reflected on mama and daddy so we were expected to be very good and not run around like the other hooligan children got to do.

Anyway, we were in the car for what seemed like FOREVER waiting for mom to come back with our Easter shoes but FINALLY she arrived and showed us the Easter shoes she had picked out. They came from Sears and they were PINK. Oh my goodness, I was so excited. I couldn't imagine the glory and wonder of having PINK Easter shoes. We would have the fanciest shoes in church. I was tickled to death. I loved them and hugged mine to my chest. I was simply ecstatic. I had PINK Easter shoes, just imagine.

I can't remember the dress. I don't remember anything else about that Easter in particular. I just know that I had very special shoes. As an adult I can particularly appreciate the shoes because I know that we didn't have much money. Things were very tight financially. Those pink shoes had to have been on sale DIRT CHEAP and really matched our dresses for mama to spend the hard earned money on PINK shoes. We couldn't have gotten a lot of wear out of the shows because we didn't wear dress shoes often and we were not children who had coordinated wardrobes with one primary color in our clothes. We had whatever was on sale and mama could afford so for her to buy us PINK shoes was very out of character and obviously a HUGE gift for us to have something extra special. I will remember those pink shoes as long as I can hold onto my memories. Mama and baby sister don't remember the pink shoes and pictures from back then tended to be in black and white so there aren't Easter pictures with us in our pink shoes ALTHOUGH there might be an eight mm movie film that shows them but getting though all of the old movies with our antique projector would be quite the undertaking. I don't think that is going to happen either although I love any opportunity to watch the old movies. I love them!

I will always remember the sacrifice and love that were involved on mama's part to get us special Easter shoes so we would feel snazzy. What a wonderful gift that was.



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