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What a birthday week...WHEW!!!!

This week I was part of a dinner/show/radio/show...I read a special story for the Mother's Day show and the radio show will air for Mother's Day. How cool is that! I did this on Tuesday with my family there supporting me. WOOT!

Then Thursday, we went to Michael's and Teffers got stuff to make a "Tales From The South" scrapbook for me as I already have another story accepted to be read at a later date. WOOT!!!! I will have my own scrapbook and a potential budding career reading stories about my life in the South. HAW! I wish I could tell stories like Jerry Clower did, now that man could TELL a story!

Friday, my son and DIL took Teffers and I out to dinner for my birthday. I got to see the little Princesses. Kimbo was in rare form dancing and singing. I got GREAT hugs and a "cherry flavored" kiss. I found out that she is stingy with her kisses so I was VERY lucky. Jessbo has two new toofies and was just as cute as she could be. She has TOES and FEETS and is in love with them. Gosh she is a doll. She was smiling and oh so happy!!!! Miss Kimbo also gave me a card that she wrote my name on herself and that she SIGNED herself too. She is doing very well with her handwriting.

Saturday was a BIG engagement party for my baby bubba and my future SIL. It was great fun getting to meet all of her family. I already knew one of her brothers I found out. He went to Catholic High School when I went to the Mount. It was a wonderful time and a GREAT way to celebrate my birthday with a super huge party. LOL!!!

Today, Sunday, we had my family birthday party for me and Kim, Hunter's (my oldest nephew) girlfriend. Her birthday is April 5th. We went to eat Chinese food and had a great good time. Everyone was there and we got to talk about how much fun we had with Teresa's (future SIL) friends and family to her. She beamed. It was a wonderful time.

On Facebook and HOW I got lots of birthday wishes and I found out that one of my friends from high school actually likes reading what I write. WOOT!!!! How exciting is that! I loved it. I just try to write stories from my life and even if they don't all go to "Tales from the South" I will have a bodacious memoir when I get through. My ONLY problem is that I don't remember all of my Meema Barbara's stories and I'd like to write them all up too. SIGH!!! I wish I'd paid more attention. I was a dumb kid. I wish I'd wised up before I hit 50 and it was too late for so many things.

I have had a great week celebrating and now I will be getting back into my regular routine. Selling stuff on eBay and swapping books on Paperback Swap. Time for spring cleaning too. Oh joy!!! LOL!!!



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