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I was told that my last post...

was a little over the top. Hmmm...I wonder if it was the Nyquil. It is easy to drug me just give me cold medicine. I don't need any fancy designer drugs, just a little Nyquil will do! LOL!!!

I had to take another dose of Nyquil for all of the coughing and sniveling so I slept much of the day. This means I cannot sleep tonight, well I might COULD sleep if I didn't have chills. I will be so glad to be WELL!!!! I have a life to live. I have a house to clean. I have things I want to do and that does NOT involve Nyquil, sniveling, sneezing, aching or coughing, you know what I mean, jelly bean.

I need to clarify that while there was a long period of torching involved in the story about the guy I discussed last night, when he made the sordid comment that "split the sheets" so to speak, the torch died quickly. There is no lost love there. I am mostly sorry I wasted so much time waiting for him to grow up but while I was waiting for him to mature I became more mature myself and was ready for Miss Teffers when she wandered into the room so to speak. I know it bothers many people that I am "ambidextrous" but such is my nature. Miss Teffers certainly is the best of show. After 15 years I can say that with utmost confidence.

I really need to think of some more of my stories to write but the darned cold has really sidetracked me. My author friends will tell me that I just need to get over myself and bang out my 1K words a night even if I am dying. I think there is some magical reasoning for the 1K mile marker but I have been falling behind of late. For shame! I was even behind before I got sick. Double shame!

Sorry that I was absent for a minute, had to pick up after the little dog and then feed her. Now she is eating crunchies and smiling. It is 4:44 am and we are having a bonding experience. LOL! Little dog really likes Miss Teffers the best but when she is scared she wants her grannie. I am her hero in the deep dark hours of the night unless she can cajole Miss Teffers into spoiling her a little more than usual. The little dog sleeps with Teffers most of the time. On the few rare occasions that she sleeps with me she is in her carrier. I am the alpha dog in this household and having her in the carrier helps her to remember that. I do not let her get away with murder when she sleeps with me like Steffie does. I am so mean! ; )

Well, I guess now that we have further discussed my cold, the Nyquil, the mystery man in my past and the little dog, I will close. I am getting sleepy and would like to get some rest. We will see what we will see now won't we!



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