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On being a sloppy writer...

We have already determined that grammar is not my strong suit, punctuation does not know my name and I can only spell because of spell check and the handy virtual dictionary on my desktop. I remember using solid, substantial dictionaries at the library when I was writing research papers many moons ago. Ah, now that was the way to check one's spelling even if it wasn't fast as the tools I use now.

I haven't done real research in 20 years, since finishing graduate school. This is one reason I write today about being a sloppy writer. I can search Google with the best of them but there is so much more to research than Google. There is going through musty archives, burying one's self in journals and periodicals, searching out tomes that had nuggets of information and knowledge in them. To me that was real research going through a definite process that got one's hands dirty with ink, making copies of pertinent passages and writing a multitude of notes on index cards so that I could write my papers with speed, accuracy and plenty of documentation.

These days I read very poorly, my best vision is on the computer so digging into vats of facts, reports and information is not something I can currently do, so I do not write works that require "real" research, I only, piddle around with things that I can find on search engines that can be found on the web. Google is my favorite although I know some still prefer Yahoo and a few have wandered to Bing. I miss the old AOL search engine because it had information in it that I could not find anywhere else and at one time I used Web Crawler and Dogpile extensively. Now I am a "Google-ite" and am happy to be one. That is probably sloppy too.

I wish that all of the hands on research I once did was still practical for me. I wish I could visit sites of historical import or even sheer whimsy so that I could write about them with an air of authenticity. I would love to walk the streets of Iceland and get a feel for what it is like so that I could write about what it is like to live in a country that has dealt with bankruptcy as I fear my own will be dealing with same all too soon. The reasons are different but there are commonalities.

Anyway, I find the concept of Iceland fascinating. I'd like to go to the Scandinavian countries to experience the midnight sun, the Northern Lights and feel the freedom that seems to emanate from those places. Then there's Tibet. I can read about Tibet but I would like to experience it in person even with the oppression that is part of one's daily life there.

So I don't want to just dive into dusty archives, I want to be a part of the world that eludes my grasp and my ability to write about it from experience not just dry sentences on a page. Oh, sigh.

Thus I am a frustrated and sloppy writer who is bound by limitations but NOT by a lack of imagination. I just create worlds and realities of my own device. Then my sloppiness is just in typing, grammar and punctuation which is where we started this blog post.



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