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Well, I last posted...

at an unholy hour of the morning. Hopefully tonight I will SLEEP! I can always make wishes can't I. LOL!!!!

It is chilly here in the house. Outside it is about 49 but it feels like it is THIRTY NINE in the house. I am glad the heat is on even if it isn't kicking on as much as I think it should be. Oh well, I am wearing extra layers to be warmer. We don't want to warm the house up too much or it will be HOT tomorrow.

After reading my post from early this morning a friend made me think I need to read Stephen King's book about writing. She may be correct. I haven't read a LOT about writing, mostly I just write. It is often not GOOD writing but it is writing nevertheless. I like it and it gets all those words out of my head, their tap dancing can be worrisome at times and I need them to be gone. Of course, my mom thinks I am a wonderful writer and that I should be on the NYT bestseller list making a living off of my dramatic prose. Well, it is dramatic at times that is for sure but not that many people will want to pay to read it. I can get published but usually in freebie markets. Sigh! Oh well, I am just happy getting published. Somewhere Harlan Ellison and my good friend, Robin Wheeler are spinning their heads and spewing pea soup at that comment. <CHEEZ>

I have learned that because I do not write exclusively about the art of writing enough nor do I read and review books that my writer friends do not consider my little blog worthy of a mention on their blogs or astute enough to recommend to others. Part of me feels crushed and the other part of me has had PLENTY of rejection notices in the past and so I am used to it. I realize that my blog is a cornucopia of mixed metaphors and folderol I don't pretend that I am something I am not. I write about life, what interests me, my writing (or lack thereof) and writing issues that I find of importance and decide to share. #amwriting and #amhappyaboutit!

I have no pretense about who I am and what my writing is...it is what it is!!!! (I just pi**ed some readers off by saying that, LOL!) I enjoy my blog and it gives me an outlet to let go of things that are racing around in my head. I am sure that Peter Shankman is in there somewhere and I wish he would train for his 10% in a year somewhere else. (You have to know better to understand the allusion.)

Well, I guess I have rambled on long enough. I might see how much Stephen King's book is and if it is cheap enough I may buy it. Used. of course, because that's how I roll. (Gosh I love cliches!)



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