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Whoopsie Daisy...

Accidents are on the rise at SageMoon Cottage. Shake your head at our collective klutziness! First on Easter Sunday, Miss Teffers took a spill as we were coming in the house. She jarred herself but good and hurt her knees. She really splatted in the living room. I was worried to death about her and used my usual cool calm and collected self (NOT) when she fell by yelling at her. I wasn't MAD at her but I was WORRIED. I yell when I am UPSET and CONCERNED. It doesn't help things but I catch myself in the middle of it or like on Easter, don't remember yelling at all. Oy!

Well, tonight...I slipped while carrying a boiling pot of cooked carrots to the sink to drain them. I burned myself in several places as my house dress and bra got soaked with boiling water. I twisted the fire out of my bad knee. I slammed my face into the refrigerator, jarred my wrists, back, busted my butt and managed to hurt my neck too. Adding insult to injury all of my carrots went all over the floor and ended up in the trash! Boo hoo!

Stephanie DID NOT yell, she was sweet, she helped me get out of the clothes that were scalding me. Helped me up, then cleaned up the big mess that I made. She got me an ice pack for my knee, put Aspercreme on my knee and messed up shoulders (one shoulder was already sprained from a previous incident before Steffie's fall at Easter time). Teffers is very sweet and helpful. I offer help but not in a way that is seen as helpful. SIGH!

I wish I was more like Stephanie who has been on hyper alert all evening wondering if I am okay. I ache but I didn't break anything and my knee has been in worse condition before. I am sure I will be sore tomorrow but that is part of my amazing ability to be ever graceful. (SNORT!)

So, that is what happened at SageMoon Cottage tonight. I wasted a pound of carrots! SIGH!



May. 7th, 2011 03:58 pm (UTC)
OK, I just read where your burns weren't too bad. Phew!


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