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Writing as a lifestyle...

My novel may never be published. My short stories may shrivel up in files on my computer. Personal essays and literary memoirs may litter my blog, file folders and slush piles but this will not stop me from writing. As an author I have composed many pieces, some very good and some very horrid. I use adjectives and adverbs because I like the way they sound. My writing is not sparse and clean, it is cluttered with emotion and language meant to bring out feelings from my readers so that they can ride the carousel with me and not get left behind at the station. Yes, I mix my metaphors too.

I am the queen of the comma, splice and it doesn't bother me. Sure it means that my writing will probably never make the cut with some upscale publishing house and I may find myself only writing for me but I'd rather play with my writing and write for my ear than be overly correct and this will cost me points in the world of literature.

I find myself drawn to the written word as an art form and yes, I have suffered for my art. It is not a cliche, it is a fact of my life and I bear my scars proudly as I keep on writing because I simply must.

I often write nonsense. To me it is about getting the words out and making use of them rather than building castles of brick, stone and mortar. My castles live in the air, like houses of cards, they may fall around me but that is okay. I would rather see them tumble than not build them at all for fear of being shamed for my odd sense of literary style. I live and breathe each letter, syllable, word, phrase, sentence, paragraph and completed or often as not, incomplete work. My writing is my life.

I tend not to "put my work out there" unless it is a personal essay or literary memoir. I play my cards close to my chest. I know I am writing. I know what I write. It is my creation and I do with it what I want or do nothing with it at all.

I love my writing. Sometimes I would like to be able to just let it go but I can't. It is my heart and soul.



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