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Indie Authors...Writing and more...

I can highly recommend the blog of Rachel Thompson  www.rachelintheoc.com/ this is a woman with razor wit and her ear to the ground for Indie Publishing. Twitter ID "RachelintheOC. She is one of the co-founders of the Indie Book Collection indiebookcollective.wordpress.com . They are committed to helping Indie authors get published and noticed. They can also be followed on Twitter at ID "IndieBookIBC" If you are a serious Indie author the Indie Book Collective is one of the places you need to be because they have a lot to teach the novice or even experienced Indie author.
Rachel is worth reading for her ability to snark with class. The woman is a hoot.

I have mentioned Brazen Snake Books before
www.brazensnakebooks.com/ but they are offering services to other authors and opening a webstore that will create packages for Indie authors who need help in getting their books ready for publishing. Through Brazen Snake Books, Heidi Sutherlin offers cover art and other services, Carol Ward and India Drummond offer editing services. You can click the link, "Browse The Store" to find books for sale from Trinity Marlow and Jamie DeBree (the owner of Brazen Snake Books) as well as "Author Services." They offer several packages to help the Indie author get published. Brazen Snake Books can be followed on Twitter at "BrazenSnake"

If you are serious about being an Indie Author and want to get published these are but a few venues to help you in your quest. I am finishing my novel, smoothing off the (very) rough edges then I will be using Brazen Snake Books to get me ready for publication. I have already seen the work of Jamie DeBree, Heidi Sutherlin, Carol Ward and India Drummond in action. I know that my book will be in good hands with them helping me get it ready for ebook publication. I will also be connecting with the Indie Book Collective to help publicize and promote my novel. I am learning a lot about the Indie book route from these companies and just want to share them with other Indie Authors.



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