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The escalator at the Mall...

I am, not so much, on escalators. In fact, I will avoid them unless I have to climb a LOT of stairs. Escalators scare me to death. I have never had an accident on one or seen an accident on one, they just looks like dark denizens of a scary world, waiting to consume you alive. Even now, I jump onto the first step with trepidation, sweat with fear on the way down and then jump off as soon as I safely can so the escalator cannot bite my toes. These things frighten me beyond words.

I don't know when this fear started but I do know that when I was around eight years old, my mom, grandmother, baby sister and I went to the mall. We went in through the upstairs door of J.C.Penney's and the after looking around were going to go down the escalator to go look through the rest of the mall. WELL, no one was holding my hand and I was at the back of the group. I just couldn't make myself get on the escalator and there they went down the escalator and on through the lower level of Penney's into the mall. I watched them until they disappeared out of sight but just could not make myself get on the escalator to follow them. Between letting other people get on the escalator, I stood in tears trying to be able to make myself get on that first step. I was terrified and just couldn't do it.

Somewhere about the middle of the mall my mother realized that I wasn't with them. She didn't remember when the last time she had seen me but leaving my sister with my meema started retracing their route to see if she could find me. She was in a panic. Finally she came back through Penney's and found me sobbing at the top of the escalator. She went around to ride the up escalator so that she could get to me. Although she was relieved mom was angry. Why was I standing there crying and worrying her half to death? I told her I was scared of the escalator and just couldn't make myself get on it. Although she was peeved, mom took my hand and helped me to get onto the escalator where I had a death grip on the moving banister. We got off and I started crying even harder out of relief.

My mom took me to where my meema and sister were explaining the situation to them as I tried to quit sobbing. My meema told me how I had frightened them by not being with them and then in my defense I said, "No one held my hand on the escalator. I was scared." At this point there was some laughter at my discomfiture now that the tension was evaporating. We looked through the mall and as we left mom made sure that she held my hand as we got onto the escalator. I was still scared but at least felt like there was an adult looking out for me.

I have been teased mercilessly about the day I stood crying at the escalator but that hasn't stopped my fear and trepidation of escalators. I look for elevators when possible. I don't care how hard they are to find. Escalators are just too scary to be dealth with even though I am well past 50. I don't like the steel beasts one bit.



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