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I guess all writers have to have a certain amount of ego. We think we have something worth saying and believe that the world should read our words. (For the most part anyway.) Writers with public blogs, me included, certainly have a certain amount of ego because we not only "put out there" what we have to say but we also send out links so readers will be sure to find us. It is so exciting to have readers, people who want to enjoy our works and participate in dialogue with us. It is just almost more excitement than a body can handle. SQUEE!

The above doesn't just go for NEW writers, I have seen plenty of established names really putting themselves "out there" so that they can draw in a larger fan base. Ego can be a healthy thing. If we didn't have ego we might go live in a cave and only come out to gather berries or something. Not good!

I have seen writers post pictures of what they are eating for breakfast, lunch and supper. Do I really want to see that? Am I that obsessed of a fan?
Well, I am not. There may be some people who are and if it was a fitness writer I could get behind it but this was a paranormal writer who was not only sharing pictures of her meals but also discussing her sex life online in a graphic sort of way. What if her mother read her Facebook page. How would she feel about such things? I think that advertising such personal quirks and kinks is a bit over the top and displays a little too much ego. This is just my humble opinion. I am but a lowly writer of obscure words that are seldom read by any but friends and family. Maybe I am being a little egotistical in this post. Some may think so, I should ponder that.

What drove me to write this blog entry about ego is that I just saw an author tweeting every comment he made in response to comments made by readers of his blog. I mean REALLY!!!! If you want to post the blog great, I will probably read it but to tweet every single comment you make to respond to a reader, that seems over the top in a thousand different ways. Do readers really care? I can tell you that I will not be following this guy on Twitter any longer because I don't have time for such nonsense. BTW, he tweeted these comments under his real name AND his alter ego. What the hay? Doesn't he have anything better to do, like actually write. I mean there is such a thing as self promotion and then there is ego stroking to the point that it looks like a "me fest." I don't get into all that, the great "I AM" nonsense. Give it a rest.

In closing, there is healthy ego and I would hope we would all have one although we don't (and that is sad) but then there is over the top ego that expects fans to hang onto ever word, whim, habit and eccentricity. Is that healthy? I don't think so. I think it is a big case of over importance and that someone needs to give that person a reality check. I am not egotistical enough to do so but I would hope someone in their sphere would take them aside for a little wake up call. 

Ego, it can make you or break you. I need to examine mine and make sure I am not getting to cocky. It is the healthy thing to do. What do you think about ego and how it affects how you view a person?



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May. 23rd, 2011 08:34 pm (UTC)
OK, I have little ego. It is a difficult thing to deal with, not having much confidence. But I do know someone who is either seriously expounding upon her brilliance in general or her writing in particular and it strikes me as boastful. I don't like it. I do realize that writers have promoted themseleves for a long time. Walt Whitman was especially good at writing reviews for himself and spreading them around. :)

People who take pictures of what they eat for breakfast may not have anything interesting going on so they're desperate for filler. Or maybe their fans really want to know. I don't--unless it's a fabulous receipe, in which case I do. The woman writing about her sex life is just asking for stalkers and other poor demented creatures to come out of the splintered woodwork, but it's also just tacky and uncouth to write that way on a blog. Ugh. Save it for a book of erotica or something, you know?

Many people, namely students in literature classes, make the mistake of thinking that great writers must be great people and they're terribly disappointed when they find out otherwise. How do you view Hemingway after you discover he may have had a kinky sex life with Pauline (2nd wife?) and that he liked being dominated? (See The Garden of Eden and one of my professors) I thought it was interesting, and possibly not in contradiction to his desire to show what manliness is in most of his novels. He might have felt he had something to prove.
May. 24th, 2011 01:37 am (UTC)
I agree...
that you probably have much less ego than most. You are one of the top of my list in that regard.

BTW, the woman showing pictures of her meals and discussing her sex life on social media are the same author. If her fans are that desperate for details they need to get a life IMHO!

I didn't know the thing about Walt Whitman but was hip to P Hemingway. I liked that about him. It made him even bigger than life in my book. I don't have trouble with sexual kinks I just think that you don't have to blatantly advertise them unless that is what you do for a living. The author I am talking about is supposed to be an author not a sex worker by trade, you know what I mean. I am no prude but there are boundaries but I think some people don't understand them OR the need for them, but that's just me.


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