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Zombies Gently Nibbling...

That is how my brain feels now, instead of having the sensation of zombies having GNAWED on my brains I only feel that they have gently nibbled on them, mostly around the edges.It is a much better feeling. Ah, relief!
I have a writer friend in Scotland, India Drummond
indiadrummond.com who saw where I had posted the video caled "The People of Walmart" www.peopleofwalmart.com/ and loved it. Now I don't know if Scotland is free from the blight called Walmart or if they DO have Walmarts and people at Scottish Walmarts dress the same or not. Maybe it just tickled India, who knows but India did repost the video that could indicate a familiarity with "The People of Walmart," or just a good sense of humor.

I am awake early again this morning but not as early as I have been awakening, which is a good thing. Three thirty in the morning is a tad ridiculous unless you have a job that requires you wake up that early, which I HAVE had in the past but didn't necessarily like it. I did wake up to use the facilities at 3:30 am this morning and Miss Teffers was awake with restless leg syndrome issues. (For those who want to say RLS doesn't really exist, I wish at least a month of RLS upon you so you can understand the living hades that RLS is.) I was properly empathic with her but was glad to be able to get back to sleep myself. It was like a gift even though I was truly awake two hours later. I managed to get an additional two hours of sleep. Ah, bliss!

I have been fiddling around the last two days watching severe weather reports and not working on my writing so much. There is a part of me that believes what my mother says, "If I worry about something, it won't happen." Well, I worry about severe weather attacking communities in Arkansas and hope the my worrying will prevent tornadoes from destroying them. I quit watching for a while night before last and a community got destroyed and lives were lost. I know it is "magical thinking" to imagine that my worrying about the storms will help anyone and not just give me ulcers but the bottom line is that I watch the storms and hope against hope that my rapt attention will help people who are at risk. It isn't a Messiah complex it is a feeling of obligation to the people of Arkansas and surrounding areas. So I watched the storms and hoped for positive outcomes.

I will be glad when storm season ends Mother Nature has exacted a huge toll from us and as we rebuild we need to consider what is creating the impetus for these storms. It is a freak accident of nature or does human interference in the atmosphere and planet cause the storms to occur in this manner. I can't help but consider the human factor and yet I know storms occur without human interference. They occurred on this
planet long before humans existed and they will occur after we are gone. The weather is a powerful force of nature..

I think I have covered all I can think of from zombies, to Scotland, RLS and the weather. You can't say I get bogged down on just one point.  May your life be safe this week and may your year be filled with joy.



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