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Being dreadfully behind the times...

I haven't posted in my blog in well over a week. Not much has happened in my personal life besides doctor appointments, housework, grocery shopping, playing with the little dog AND cleaning up after the little dog. We did go to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" and loved it. It was a fun romp.

My writing friends have really been busy, Jamie DeBree  
jamiedebree.com and brazensnakebooks.com has been cranking out serials and working on creating animated videos for her website. She has also made a clever book trailer for her awesome novel, "Tempest." Jamie has really been rockin' it.

India Drummond
indiadrummond.com launched her new book, Blood Faerie on June 1st, the reviews have been really good. I haven't read it yet, I have my memory on my computer about full and I am 3 books behind as it is, but we will get Blood Faerie read in this household, Miss Teffers might be the one to read it, sometime soon. In the meantime go to Amazon and get the Kindle version of Blood Faerie.

Author Gary Ponzo garyponzo.com has released the sequel to his award winning novel, "A Touch of Deceit." The sequel is "A Touch of Revenge" and promises to deliver the goods the way his first novel did. I have "A Touch of Revenge" in my Mac Kindle App and will be reading it this week. I can't wait.

Heidi Sutherlin
mycreativepursuits.com is a graphic designer who has created a cover for Jamie DeBree's latest serial novel, "Falling in Public." The cover is awesome and Heidi does great design work. She can create an awesome package for you. Check out her website.

So there are great free reads out there to snag, wonderful novels to purchase from Jamie DeBree and India Drummond, along with awesome graphic design work from Heidi Sutherlin. These are but a few of the amazing Independent Authors and designers out there who are changing the face of the publishing business. Check out The Indie Book Collective
indiebookcollective.com and The Independent Author Network theindependentauthornetwork.com for resources to help all indie authors. There is a lot to learn out on the 'net and you can learn invaluable lessons from other authors who are reaching out to help kindred spirits.

Well, there isn't much going on at SageMoon Cottage but there is a lot happening in the world of writers and independent authors, follow the links and see what you can learn and/or enjoy.



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