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I am dreaming of Ice Dragons...LOL!!!

Good morning sunshine!!!! It is going to be another hot day in the river city. I love summer...LOL!!!! I am delusional too!!! Summer is okay it just has been so darned hot this year. I don't know what to think. Whew, I do know how to sweat! That takes practice let me tell you what.

It is a steamy Sunday morning but hey, it is July so what can we expect. Our neighborhood missed out on the rain yesterday and it looks like our entire area is going to miss out on any possibilities for today. Oh hecky darn! I would have liked a nice cooling rain but twasn't meant to be so that's that!

Steffie and the little dog just woke up. Little dog was in my chair with her tail all a waggin', she wanted some petting which, of course, she got. Steffie is out feeding the furry wonders who I am sure are glad to see her.  Steffie reports that is not just steamy now but a real scorcher. Oh boy, and we have a trip planned to the grocery story. Woo hoo!!! Okay, that means we get extra sweating practice in, how exciting it that!

I haven't worked on my writing one iota. Talk about being a spud, I be a spud's spud. I haven't even written in this blog in over a week, ten days to be exact, now that is just crazy business. I have had fun reading so there is something to be said for that. YAY!!!!

Since I last posted my friend who has to move is getting some short term options and hopefully long term ones will play out soon. There have been two more deaths, one in my circle of online friends and my mother's aunt died. That's three deaths in less than two weeks. I think it is time for things to simmer down now, simmer down. I guess the heat stress is not helping in these situations.

I am busy rejoicing life and enjoying the bountiful love I am surrounded by. Who can ask for anything more, except maybe ice dragons?



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