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Hot weather makes people cranky...

and it makes them talk like the Wicked Witch of the West. Now I am not pointing fingers because I get totally fussy in the heat. In fact, I am a ring tailed bitch when it is too hot. Like right now. It is 1:11 am ~ it is 87 degrees outside with a heat index of ONE HUNDRED at 1:11 am. Where am I living? Why Arkansas, of course? This is August after all. Gosh get with the program Ardee! Geez Louise!

The last blog post I posted was on Blogger because Live Journal was being VERY tacky and not operating properly. I was most miffed. It was hot that night too but not as hot as it is tonight. I don't like posting on Blogger as much as I do Live Journal although Blogger seems to have more neat gizmos BUT I don't know how to work them. I also like that Live Journal automatically posts to Twitter and Facebook. I like sharing my misery, I mean adventures with my tweeps and peeps.  I also like to share my writing journals when I get them done. Ahem!

Speaking of writing, a NaNoWriMo friend of mine, Gammy-the-Slug has invited me to join her at Camp NaNoWriMo for August but being the cyberspud that I am I can't figure the new "Camp NaNoWriMo" website out. It has me totally flummoxed and I would love to be in a "write-out" with her but am clueless. Maybe I just need to start writing a novel and worry about the details later, but it is HOT and I am whiny and I need to figure things out. Mostly I think I am making excuses for not writing. Ahem!

On July 31, 2011 it was the 30 year anniversary of losing my beloved Meema Barbara. I miss her so much. I know she would be 95 now and maybe not as spry as she was before she got sick and died in six short weeks but I see her as a feisty 65 year old and I miss her so much. I am crying right now thinking about it. I am sure it doesn't hurt as bad as it did 30 years ago but it still hurts me some kind of terrible. She was one of my best friends in the whole world. She loved me just the way I am, warts and all. I have PLENTY of warts by the way.  I think she would have LOVED the internet and eBay would have been way too cool for school in her book. She loved yardsales we could have sold goodies on eBay together. Then we would have had THREE generations of eBay fanatics. Oh she would have loved it. Gosh, I miss her, I think I already said that but it is just way too true.

This past weekend was the 40th anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh. They live streamed the entire 72 hours of the concert online. I watched the very beginning and then caught bits and pieces of it as the days went by. It was awesome. It seems like the world used to pull together in times of crisis. Maybe it still does but sometimes it is hard to see. Maybe there is just too much "noise" in the world these days.

Steffie just took a shower and the water felt to hot. It seems that she only had the cold water running and it was still too warm for her delicate skin. That is just plain hot for the one am hour, you know what I mean. Jiminy Cricket!

Well, I will close for the day and dream of winter, ice dragons and chilly breezes. The heat is awful but the cold can be worse. It really is easier to cool off than it is to warm up. Strange that! I wish I could go play in the sprinkler or in the rain, that would be awesome. Much love to you and yours.



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Aug. 3rd, 2011 05:45 pm (UTC)
Coolin' off
I suggest a bag of ice in the tub. Or ice in water that you can put your feet in. Add to that spraying [scented] water on the back of your neck, pointing a fan at the damp part, and while drinking a nice cold glass of iced tea.

I find it much harder to cool off than to warm up...

Your Meema sounds like a firecracker! :D I can relate to your feelings about her. My Grandpa Paul died 40 years ago in October. He was the one person who really listened to me and didn't dismiss what I said because I was just a kid. I know he's still with me, but it's been such a long time since I've seen him in person. I miss him. I was lucky I had good grandparents. :)

Aug. 4th, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)
Re: Coolin' off
I used to find it harder to cool off than to warm up. I never understood cold natured people. I am PAYING for that in my old age. It really is harder to warm up. I never believed I would EVER say that.

I use all the cooling down tricks except it is too hot to go buy ice right now. I lived without a/c as an adult for about 17 years. I had to know the tricks. In fact, Steffie and I were talking about them tonight. It got up to 114 today in Little Rock which broke the record of 112. I don't know what the heat index was but I know the humidity was high! WHEW!!!!

We were supposed to go to an appointment today but Steph had a migraine which saved us being out in the torrid heat. We do have a vehicle but we do not have a/c in it and only ONE window will roll down. It gets very HOT in the car. WHEW!!!!

I hope you have had a good day. I am glad you had good grandparents. They make life better, IMHO.


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