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I have the hiccups...

boy, if that is the most exciting thing I can think of to blog about maybe I should just hang it up and not blog, nah, I am going to blog anyway!!! LOL!!!!

I have a new C-Pap machine and mask FINALLY. I am sleeping better and am starting to feel better during the day. I still nap some but it is going to take a while for my body to adjust to the new regime and the thought of getting enough oxygen when I sleep. It is a whole new world for old Charlie Brown.

Tomorrow, is Miss Teffers mom's birthday. We are going to the nursing home to see her. Hopefully this will be a good day for her and she will know who Teffie is. Sometimes she is rather clueless but that goes with dementia. Tomorrow is supposed to be rather warm but at least it is just the mid 90s and not in the triple digits yet. I won't complain about the weather.

I blogged a few weeks ago about no longer being part of a local story telling event because I cannot afford to not only give my stories away but also have to pay to go read them but one of the things that I didn't think about at the time is this AWESOME scrapbook Teffers started putting together for me about being part of this local show and now it is finished without having a proper ending. I had other stories approved to be on the show but just can't hang with the cost. We do good to buy prescriptions, pay the bills, feed the dog and lastly buy groceries. We haven't had money for the lawn work in two months and it looks BAD. I have to find a way to pay for the lawn  work next month. I am clueless as to how to do so with paying for all the other extras that have been thrown my direction. Anyway, I am sad about the scrapbook. Steffie did SO MUCH work on it.

Steffie and I never go out after dark unless there is  a real need to do so. However, in a few weeks we will have to be out after dark THREE nights in a row. It is our youngest granddaughter's first birthday, we have to go to a dinner for Nick and Teresa the night before their wedding and then we have to go to the wedding and reception the next night. I might not leave the house for days, even weeks at a time and have to be out THREE days in a row, it is a brutal thought. I don't know how I will survive. ACK!

Week before last we lost one of our dearly beloved cats, his name is Tony. His nicknames were "Tony Baloney, Mr. Macaroni Boy" and "Ton-Ton"(pronounced Tone-Tone). He was a little over 14 years old and was our precious baby. He has been Stephanie's avatar all over the world wide web and was so very loved. He was an outside cat by choice and we fear the heat was just too much for him. He did live a long life for and outdoors cat. Bless his heart. We miss and mourn his loss. One of our neighbors was kind enough to bury him for us so we have a little grave up in the far corner of the back yard. Tony, you will always be loved at SageMoon Cottage.

I can't think of anything else to add.



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Aug. 18th, 2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
Question: did your hiccups last to the end of your post. Inquiring Minds want to know. :D

YAY for the new C-Pap machine!

::happy dance::

I know other people set a big store by their elderly relatives recognizing them, but I figure that if we have a good time together that's what counts. When I visited my dad's mom, she said she didn't know who I was, but she knew she liked me. (She didn't like "that man"--my dad!) I told her about our first outing together--we went to see the movie Mary Poppins--and how we stayed up late and watched Carol Burnett when I stayed overnight. It was fun to reminisce and she enjoyed hearing that we had fun together.

I hope you and Steffie have a really good time with her mom on her birthday. And I hope her mom has a good day, too. That usually means a good day for other people as well.

I don't blame you one bit for not wanting to keep paying to read for "Tales of the South." IMNSHO, you (and your date!) should get in free. You are doing them a favor, after all. I mean, what would they do for entertainment without their contributors?

I try not to go out too often either, but three days in a row would require lots of recuperation time! Even happy occasions are stressful, but I wish they were all more evenly spaced. Egad!

I'm so sorry about Tony. He was such a good-looking, dignified sort of cat. Looked cuddly, too. I always wondered which kitty he was. He did live a long time for an outdoor cat, but that doesn't make it easier to say goodbye.

Aug. 19th, 2011 02:54 am (UTC)
Mer, we had a good time with Steph's mom. She knew who Steph was but beyond that there were moments of "slippage." It was a great birthday party.

I don't know when my hiccups finally went away but they did and that was the important thing. YAY!!!

As far as TFTS goes...I just hate how much work Steph has put into the scrapbook already and how it will remain "halfway" there. Steph is talented at that stuff, I am NOT and so I know she put a lot of work into it. As for my stories, someone will want them somewhere. I will just keep writing.

I don't know how I am going to survive THREE DAYS IN A ROW OF ACTIVITIES!!! It will take me a MONTH to recuperate!!! GEEZ!!! LOL!!!!!

We called Tony, "The Good Cat." Oh the stories I could tell about that boy. He dry nursed many, many kittens including many of the ferals. His tummy was soggy for years. LOL!!! He was patient, loving and more like a dog than a cat. He was NEVER aloof, always ready for lubbins. What a great guy he was!


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