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I have brain freeze...

I also may have to quit blogging on Live Journal which is TOO BAD because I have so much stuff on here. Live Journal like Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo mail think they have to "fix" things that are not BROKEN!!!! Leave stuff alone, it was working GREAT before you MUFFED IT UP!!!

Okay, I am over that little whatever. I need to get back to my word prompt exercises because I am not writing. I am not inspired and I need to just sit down and WRITE because it isn't just inspiration it is about just DOING IT. I have been a lazy a** which is worse than just being a slacker. I am not even blogging. I am just vegetating. I am not watching television. I have done some reading which I consider to be valuable to my work as a writer but to be perfectly honest where writing goes, I am not even making an effort. Oh the shame but it is the absolute truth.

I have a friend Jamie DeBree
http://jamiedebree.com and http://brazensnakebooks.com who is very organized, has set routines and writes on a set schedule. She produces novels and novellas on a regular basis and has serials of her novels/novellas or a blog post every day. Some days she gets both done PLUS she works full time, takes care of her house and her husband. She totally amazes me.

I need to set up a routine, even if it is a loose one, because I am certainly not producing anything at the present. Jamie has started a new weekly blog called "Routinely Yours" that encourages the whole routine mindset. I am hoping this rubs off on me.

I love writing. I live to write and yet, I am not doing it. As I said before, instead of just talking about it I need to JUST DO IT. At least I produced a blog post tonight. That is a beginning.



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