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It is officially October 2nd...

I suppose I really should wait for some of the day to pass by so I will have more to write about but the little dog is barking creating excitement and I thought it might be a good time to write, LOL! Miss Teffers is trying to sleep and keeping the dog from carrying on is proving to be quite the chore. Little dogs are pister poots to say the least.

Saturday was a beautiful day. I enjoyed getting to stay inside all day and not have to deal with the sunshine. I can appreciate the sun if I don't have to deal with it directly.

Also, after a rather exciting football game the Razorbacks came from behind to win against Texas A&M. Woo Pig Sooie!!! The final score was 42-38. It was a close game. WHEW!!!!

I have been thinking about #NaBloWriMo all day. I wanted to write a second blog post throughout most of the day but knew that it would not COUNT for October second so I have waited patiently for time to pass. I am such the nut. I really like the idea of writing every day and I can write more than just my blog but I am a little blog focused right now. That will change probably by this afternoon but in the meantime I have been obsessed with getting my blog posts written and having something to write about that wouldn't bore my two readers to tears. Well, at least I don't have to worry about having scores of readers unsubscribe from my blog. It is not exactly widely known or read so I shouldn't harm my reputation as a blogger or writer, LOL!!! In all honesty, I am thinking about interviewing some writers but then I wonder who would want to be interviewed on my little under performing blog. I don't know. Maybe I could get Stephen King, I hear he is going to write a sequel to "The Shining," surely he will want some advance publicity. This blog would be the perfect place for him to start getting ready for the horror, don't you think! ; )

I really shouldn't blog when I am sleep deprived. I get all goofy and write inane comments like I could ask Stephen King for and interview. Why don't I just go after Will and Kate while I am at it? I am such a dork. LOL!!! I love being me though. It is a unique position to occupy.

Well, now that I am covered for my blog post for the day and I feel like I did a decent job I will close. Have a great Sunday?



Oct. 3rd, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
writing while tired
Writing while tired can yield interesting results...worth a try sometimes. I try it sometimes, and sometimes even post it without changing too much, lol.
glad to be in NaBloWriMo with ya!


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