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NaBloWriMo...the saga continues...

It is day three of blogging for everyday of the month and already I feel stale, you know that "not so fresh feeling." I don't have all that much to write about. We went to the post office, drug store and grocery store today. I had SALAD for dinner. I really like salad a LOT! The little dog was very glad to see us when we got back home, you would have thought we'd been gone all day or at least several hours. She is so funny.

I may have mentioned getting her a kevlar (sp?) duck at Walmart thinking she might not destroy it as quickly as she destroys her other squeaky toys...har, de, har, har!!! She went through that duck like well, "you know what through a goose." That little Chihuahua could be a surgeon. If there is a seam to be found she can undo it in record time. She really is amazing with her little flea teeth. So the duck is dead except for the chewy rope that made the tail. She could care less about that. We now have to see how the chicken fares. We got her a rubber chicken that is made out of heavy duty rubber. We will see what she does with it but we are waiting a week or so.

The yard guy who did NOT finish last month's yard work despite promising to come back TWICE to finish up, sent me an email saying he would be here today to do the end of the season yard work and that he would give me a discount because I am such a good customer. I wrote back, told him I couldn't afford it but did not confront him about not finishing a half "a**ed" yard man is better than no yard man at all and he DID do a good job with the hedges so I can say something positive about last month's work but I am going to scout around to see if I can get another yard guy. I am so tired of paying people who don't do what they are supposed to do. ARGH! BTW, he didn't do a BAD job last month it just wasn't a GREAT job. There were weeds left lurking. I don't like weeds left behind.

I have found out that the "real" NaBloWriMo writers are doing their blogs according to certain writing prompts. I don't do writing prompts. I will do one word ones but when there is a question or suggestion, I am just not into it. So I am a NaBloWriMo slacker. Isn't it always the way? There is always at least one slacker in the bunch.

Well, I have talked about all I can think of to mention so I will sign off. Have a good evening!



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