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NaBloWriMo...ah, the joys of blogging...

I really do like writing in my blog no matter how inane I may sound. I do have some cool friends who let me write about them which is fun. It is great being a writer because you can meet some of the neatest people. It is really the bee's knees. (I know 10 people just dropped me from their friend's list for using that phrase. Oh well!!!!!)

The best part about meeting nifty people is that they give you something to write about. I could write about my great pharmacist whose corner drugstore won the BEST local pharmacy in a recent poll, by the way, but something tells me that no matter how AWESOME I think Joe is (yes, that is really his name, I wouldn't josh you), I don't think that you want to know about my Razorback loving druggist and his homey little corner shop. I also know of a GREAT restaurant down the street from Joe that sells KILLER cheese fries. I can't afford them often, calorie wise or money wise but they rock and the cooks know JUST HOW WE LIKE THEM and make them perfect for us every time, even when we haven't been there for six months, the waitress just says, "Hey, the fat chicks are here, fix their cheese fries well done, as usual." Perfection every time. Yum!

I also know where there is a GREAT Shell station. They are family owned and operated. Charles is running the business now as his dad is mostly retired. Charles is younger than I am but trying to run a business that is SO GOOD that they can't keep up with the demand is taking a toll on him. If you live in Little Rock and want to know where an awesome full service gas station is that has a great mechanic and that WON'T cheat you is, just fire me an email, my email addy is on my profile, and I will send you the details. They don't make many gas stations like this any longer. It is sad but true. I know of three in my general area but that is it. If there are more I don't know about them. Sad isn't it! Remember when full service gas stations were the norm. Those were the days.

I also know about an awesome nursery for bedding plants, a great landscape designer (internationally known, in fact), a great local weekly paper, a wonderful florist, two amazing little corner grocery stores and a super credit union that treats me fairly even though I am NOT a big time customer.

See, I am a wealth of information but unless you live in or around Little Rock, Arkansas it isn't very helpful. (Well, you could probably get the landscape designer but it would cost you a LOT. No one I know has that kind of money.) I do know some things that reach across the web, like you can get the best chocolates from
http://honestchocolates.com Now the website may say they are out of everything but you can write to Ms. Chocolate and she will help you to acquire the chocolates you desire. Ms. Chocolate makes some awesome chocolate dipped honeycomb and chocolates made to specifically pair with wines. The woman is a marvel.

So, I have told you that I mostly know about Little Rock, Arkansas and surrounding areas but I have also given you a tip on where to find the best chocolates around. MMMM...tasty. I hope you have a good evening. In the meantime, Delightfully Loquacious says, "Ciao!"



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