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#NaBloWriMo ~ I can blog that...

People keep telling me stories of late or incidents come up and I say, "I can blog that." I then often find my life being threatened by people who purport to like me if not love me. As if! For example, it came to my attention today that a gentleman of my acquaintance had some difficulty turning off the television. He pushed the "off" button, yet the audio continued. He pushed the "off" button again but still there was audio. He then turned the television back on and turned it off again, still he heard the audio, THEN he realized he had the radio on. LOL!!!! I thought this was a hysterical story and said, "I can blog that." I was warned that if I blogged this story not to identify the party involved. I mean really can't people laugh at their own foibles. If it was ME I'd own up to it and can give a perfect example. One night on a lovely evening we heard thunder. It kept thundering and we looked up the weather map and there were no rain in the state much less a thunderstorm. Then it started raining. We looked outside and it wasn't wet. We were sorely confused until I remembered I had my CD, "Thundering Rainstorm" in the CD player. Oh we laughed about that one for days. LOL!!!! See, I can laugh at myself and enjoy it. LOL!!!

Stephanie almost fell again today. We have a very TIGHT corner to turn and the fan is on the same side as her boot when she is coming out of the kitchen. This could get ugly. I am sure she will get used to it but I don't want her to break a leg in the process. Geez Louise!!!

Stephanie and I were joshing back and forth. I accused her of trying to "off" me in the middle of the night. I told her that I was going to blog "that it was Stephanie, in the kitchen, with the orthopedic Frankenboot!" LOL!!!! Stephanie did not see the humor in that. She doesn't feel good and it shows. She is getting fussy but not as fussy as I would be if the tables were turned. Steph's version of fussy is a little cranky, my version of fussy is Hurricane Ardee at a Category 5. I am not subtle when I am fussy.

I wrote to someone about my granddaughter Ashley. This time three years ago we found out that little Ashley had leukemia. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, Ashley's leukemia, chemotherapy and an impaired immune system killed our little angel within about 3 months. We all miss our little Ashes and know that she is an angel watching over us. I never quit thinking about my Ashes but I don't usually talk about her. It all just hurts so much.

This is a picture of my DIL with little Ashley when they were at the Children's Hospital in Seattle, Washington. This picture captures Trish's heart bared for the world to see with her little Ashley so near and dear to her.

I can't write anymore tonight.



Oct. 10th, 2011 03:55 am (UTC)
thank you....
Thank you for your note...I appreciate it.



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