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#NaBloWriMo ~ sort of good news...

Well, we found out that Steffie does not have to have surgery. That is the good news. The less than stellar news is that she has to wear a convoluted contraption on her left foot and use a walker. This should be interesting. Steffie is a LITTLE cranky about the whole proposition but I am sure I would be MUCH crankier still. This is a LEAST an eight week situation and it will be evaluated every two weeks or so. Oh rapture, oh joy!!!!! We LOVE doctor's visits almost as much as we love having a tire blow out on the interstate. Yep, we are thrilled beyond words.  I just can't find the proper way to express our joy although we are ecstatic that the Teff doesn't have to have surgery so we will not complain. (Too much anyway!)

The little dog doesn't know what to think of all of these comings and goings. She is being a good sport but she is used to us being at home most of the time and we have spent a LOT of time away from home while trying to take care of doctor appointments, run errands and get things done that must get done before we find ourselves on virtual lock down. I don't know how Steffie is going to drive with this new brace on her foot and I can't see to drive. We will have to depend on my parents who are overwhelmed themselves with mom's injury to help us some with transportation. It is going to be convoluted because my parents live across town. Oh well, it will all work out. I am certain of it. (It says here in fine print.)

Yesterday I put a picture of my little Ashes and her mama in my blog. Tonight I am going to feature a picture of the just barely one year old granddaughter enjoying herself and her macky cheese. She is such the cute little toot, but then in our family we manage to have cute babies.

Is that a precious face or what? This girl knows how to accessorize doesn't she! Gosh she's a doll!!! The best thing is that she is HEALTHY!!! YAY!!!

Tomorrow we will have a picture of Kimbo (the 5 year old) and Nicholas who is getting ready to be 12 in a few days.

Until then,



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