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#NaBloWriMo ~ the road begins again...

I have my computer back and it is FIXED!!!! YAY!!!!! Best of all it was fixed for FREE!!!!!! WOOT!!! I said a bunch of times while I was off line, " I can blog about that," but of course, I didn't make ANY notes of what I could blog about except my mom's back is worse and she is tired of being in pain, my dad's riding lawn mower had a flat tire and the whole thing "beat him up," it is no fair pitting a riding lawnmower against a 76 year old man, bless his heart! Teffers new "boot" has not come in at Snell yet and her old boot made a BIG sore on her leg. The doctor put her on topical antibiotics for the sore and oral antibiotics too. He has had her take off the "old boot" so she has been without any support for her torn Achilles tendon ALL WEEKEND!!!!! We found out it was torn in half in the accident. The PCP was more concerned than the orthopedic surgeon seems to be but to the ortho doc these injuries are probably a dime a dozen. The little dog has been ornery as MUD. The cats have been clingy. They are 14 years old now and have decided THIS is the time to become clingy. Whatever!

I know I have wanted to blog about how BIG Little Rock is getting, is that an oxymoron calling "Little Rock" BIG? The State Fair is going on and I haven't been in about 20 years. SIGH!!! This weekend there were a MILLION special events in Little Rock, okay would you believe about 20 special events, it was CRAZY!!!! I missed them all. I wanted to blog about Tim the cute little Apple Genius who took my Mac Book in for repair and about Nathan who returned my beloved Mac Book to me this afternoon. There has been so much to blog about and no computer to blog on. Ah well, it is back now.

Tomorrow I will try to blog about my friend Robin Wheeler who writes a food and entertainment column for a paper in St. Louis. She loves Stag beer, that is the teaser. LOL!!!!

I have missed you all and will see you tomorrow.



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(no subject) - Brooklyn Ann - Oct. 17th, 2011 06:52 am (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 17th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
to Brooklyn Ann...
Thanks for your note. I realize that Little Rock is much bigger than many other towns and cities but I just was having fun with the play on words. BTW, I live in the "Big Rock Township" which is MUCH smaller than Little Rock is. LOL!!!!


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