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#NaBloWriMo ~ the saga continues...

I am following Lorca Damon's http://lorcadamon.com #NaBloWriMo efforts this month. I had to get caught up because, of course, I am behind due to having computer woes, but yesterday, Lorca talked about having about forty people who were following her #NaBloWriMo posts and how she was taken aback that her readers would keep reading. Well, let me tell you, for the most part Lorca writes a GREAT blog and deserves to be read. I personally feel sorry for the three to six people who read the drivel I put out on a regular basis. I mean, you want to talk about a blog that should be torched, baby, I write one. I do good to string six sentences together and call it a day. Lorca, just keep rockin' on, hot mama!

I am participating in the Blog Tour de Force
http://blogtourdeforce.com if you want a chance to learn about new indie authors, get free ebooks and a chance to win a Kindle, this is for you. I had a GREAT time during the last Blog tour and got several fine books to read. I am all about free and making new friends. I recommend participating in the Blog Tour de Force NOW. It started today so you won't be behind the pack. Good luck and have fun.

Miss Teffers FINALLY got her "Frankenboot" today and it has caused her leg to throb but we think it is because it is FINALLY getting her foot held in the position it needs to be in. This is an unnatural position at present but is necessary for healing to take place. It is hot, clunky and aggravating. She has had it less than eight hours, just think how she will feel tomorrow. OUCH!!!

The little dog wasn't sure about the boot at all. She kept sniffing it and sniffing it until she found the hole where Teffers' toes were. She then realized it was still Teffers so all was well in her world. That is one funny little dog.

Well, this is all that I have to allow for now.



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