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Since the St. Louis Cards are playing in the 2011 World Series against the Texas Rangers, I decided this would be a good time to talk about my friend Robin Wheeler who writes about food and entertainment on the "Gut Check" blog at the St. Louis Riverfront Times http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/gutcheck/ (She got to interview Amanda F. Palmer for the blog...how cool is that!) Robin also writes in her personal blog http://poppymom.com about life with a seven year old, soon to be eight year old girl, some critters and a husband.

Robin is a most excellent writer who will draw you into her posts and make you want to check out dives in St. Louis, drink Stag Beer and buy Girl Scout Cookies. She just has a was with word and will make a believer out of you no matter what she is writing about. In her personal blog
http://poppymom.com Robin, who is substantially younger than I am, wrote a blog post titled, "A Month (or so) of Mamaw," http://www.poppymom.com/?p=1203 in which she finds herself feeling like a "mamaw." This blog post profoundly affected me. It caused me to embrace my inner mamaw (by the way, I unlike Robin actually AM a "mamaw") by purchasing "mamaw dresses" (some call them dusters or house dresses) in outlandish colors and prints that I actually wear in public, declaring myself to be a "mamaw" to the world at large. I have even been known to wear ankle socks with gray toes and heels with my sandals while wearing these mamaw dresses. Now I would have DIED a few years ago if you would have suggested that I would do such a thing but my friend of 14 years, Robin Wheeler, has freed me of my dread at being an old fart and helped me to embrace myself for who I am, a MAMAW!!! Woo hoo!!!! (I guess I realized a few years ago that I'd never be 25 again but I never knew I'd celebrate getting the senior citizen's discount at Wendy's! WOOT!!!!)

Don't take my word for it, read Robin's blog posts and find yourself drawn to this woman who can change your life for the better even if it is just by recommending good ribs and Stag beer. Robin has it going on. In the meantime, pop a top on a Stag and get ready for the Cards to play some awesome ball in the 2011 Series. We can only hope they win. WOOT!!!



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