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Don't know where the Sonny and Cher song popped in from but it is wiggling around in my brain. I am kind of enjoying it too. It was a very quiet day at SageMoon Cottage. I don't think the little dog has barked at anything, how crazy is that? I don't know what to think.

Steph and I went out and bought some medical supplies. At the drugstore I saw a Ty SOCK MONKEY!!!!!! I want one!!!! I didn't have the do-re-mi to buy one though but it sure was darned cute. I love all things "sock monkey." Zyoh (our daughter) knitted a sock monkey hat for me. I need to get a picture of me wearing it to put on the blog. That will be fun. Yes, indeedy!!! I love my sock monkey hat...and the beat goes on!!!!

After buying medical supplies we came home, Steph took a nap and I did stuff online. When she woke up I made oatmeal for dinner. I think we are having pinto beans tomorrow. YUMMERS!!!! Oatmeal is a quick, easy and hearty meal. I like making oatmeal for dinner, for breakfast, not so much but then I am not into breakfast really, unless it involves cold leftover pizza. YUMBO!

I realize that at times my blog leaves something to be desired like readability. I don't have a themed blog. I try to write about the art of writing and other writers on occasion but for the most part this is just a place for me to come and babble about whatever is on my little pea brain. Some days it is more babbling than anything but that is okay too. I am not a professional blogger, I am just someone who has a blog and enjoys it. Who can ask for anything more?

Well, I am ready to sign off. Have a great night and remember it is all really going to be okay.



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Oct. 21st, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
You have just given me an ear worm with the beat goes on. o_O

I, too, love sock monkeys! Which color do you like best?
Oct. 21st, 2011 09:10 pm (UTC)
Hope you enjoy the ear worms...
La, de, da, de , da, de, dah...and the beat goes on and the beat goes on...yes, I am "ebel!" Bwa, ha, ha!!!

I like the brown sock monkeys the best but I have a blue one that is a ballerina. Sometime I need to post a picture of the sock monkey Steffie gussied up for the Kimbo. What color is your fav?


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