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#NaBloWriMo ~ still writing...

Miss Teffers and I ran errands today. We got a lot done and got some more medical supplies for her leg. The abrasion is healing up nicely, now if the tendon would just heal up as well as it has we'd have it made. The boot Steffie is in makes her leg sweat a lot and then it is uncomfortably wet inside the boot. It looks like a very unhappy thing to have to wear. I certainly wouldn't want to be wearing it. BTW, I think I ticked the person off that I was aggravated with about stating that Steffie had no business being cranky about her injury. I mean, WHATEVER!!!! If someone is hurt they have a right to express discomfort. It is just silly to act like they don't have any business doing so. As if!

I gave someone ear worms with my Sonny and Cher song last night. Oh talk about "ebel!" I didn't mean to give anyone ear worms but I do find it amusing. I am a sick bitch that way. LOL!!!

I had a lot of fun on Facebook last night. People have been posting really interesting things. I shared several posts. You know I don't think I have done a real status update since before my computer died on me. I have posted my blog link but that is it. I guess I need to do a status update, you know, something really intelligent, like, "Hey dudes! What's happening?" I could also show how up to the minute I am with the latest fads by posting, "Whazzup?" I am a regular Einstein, really, I am, I just proved it with my clever repartee! I am such a nut.

Well, I am boring myself so it is time to close for the night!



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