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#NaBloWriMo ~ ah well...yes, ah well...

I am certain there will be more than one blog post today. First, we had two doctor's appointments for Steffie. We get in the car to go to said doctor's appointments and the car makes a "gawd awful" noise...who knows what is wrong? I don't and the gas station hasn't called to let me know what the damages are yet. I really don't expect to hear until tomorrow. They stay really busy.

So, after the car makes "gawd awful" noises we turn it off...call mom to take Steffie to the doctor appointments, I call the station to see which wrecker services they use, turns out that they use the ones I would have called anyway. I call the wrecker, we wait. Mom picks up Steffie and a few minutes later the wrecker is here for Treehugger. I do my "doin's" with the wrecker driver, pay EIGHTY DOLLARS AND SIXTY THREE CENTS for the tow which is about a mile, then call the gas station to make sure they know how to reach me and which van is mine because the when I look at the wrecker receipt there is minimal information on it. Charles at the service station writes down all of the pertinent information. He is the owner I feel that I have given the information to as good a person as any.

I spend time on the computer, have a fried bologna sandwich, share said sandwich with the little dog. Steffie calls after her first doctor appointment. She has good news will give me all the details later. Mom took her to Rally's for lunch. They are going to try to get in early for the second doctor appointment. Is this exciting or what? I...stop...could...stop...be...stop...a...stop...telegraph...stop...operator! Do they really have telegrams any longer? I do not know.

The dog is running around barking like a goon. It is a little annoying. At first I thought Steffers might be home but I have decided that is not the case.

Well, that is all the glorious blogging I have for now. Oh yes, one last thing, go to
http://rachelintheoc.com for a fun and precious guest interview about SEX with Maxwell Cyn.



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