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#NaBloWriMo rocks on and on and on...

I am demonstrating every day that I can just sit down and write. It doesn't even have to make sense or be logical, I can just put words on paper but yet #NaNoWriMo is biting me in the butt. I don't know what to think about it all. I need to just write more. Can I make a novel out of my blog, you know I probably could my life is stranger than fiction so I may be onto something there. LOL!!!!

I forgot to tell you all the PRICELESS story of the Ipad's arrival yesterday. We arrive home, there is a package from Fed Ex, it says Fulfillment Department, an address and is from Minnesota (a marketing capital). I know it is my prize I am expecting. It is a small box, that GAWD it is not a semi filled with cleaning supplies but it feels like a book. Steffie shakes it and decides it could be DVDs or CDs. We have to tinkle and change clothes so I just chuck it on the desk. We get settled in and then I let Steffie open the package, I can tell by her face it is something GOOD, I think maybe it is a gold or silver bar, I mean I don't remember this contest AT ALL!!!! Then Steph starts dancing around as best she can considering her orthopedic boot holding up this white box with writing on it. I am excited but still waiting, what is the euphoria about. Then she tells me that it is an Ipad2!!!! OMG!!!!! I am beside myself!!!! I am shrill with excitement. We look at it. Steph plugs it in and starts to play with it. I call my mother to tell her the rock awesome news. For someone who was "eh" and nonchalant at the beginning things certainly changed when we OPENED THE FREAKING BOX!!!!! LOL!!!! The moral of this story is that a "book" can be an awesome thing even if it isn't an Ipad. LOL!!!!! I don't know if I said this last night or not but I have been entering a contest to WIN an Ipad before actually finding out I already won one. How crazy is that? I am also trying to win a year's worth of Nature's Pride bread. Wish me luck on that one, LOL!!!!

Also last night I learned that I had won a gift basket from one of my FAVORITE authors, Rachel Thompson
http://rachelintheOC.com. I featured her in my blog a few weeks ago and just by total coincidence I won a random drawing on her blog. I feel very lucky. Life is good!!!!

Now I need to write some more for #NaNoWriMo...wish me luck!



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