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#NaBloWriMo ~ Where do we go from here?

My vision is very wonky tonight so I don't know how much I will get written. My blog posts seem to be incredibly short these days. That is because by the end of the day when everything has happened my eyes are all blurred up. I don't like that. I have been having a great time with #NaBloWriMo.

Today I went to the doctor and "knock on wood" she may have "yanked my knee back in place." Talk about bending and maneuvering...my goodness, she gave my knee a WORK OUT. When I first left it burned like fire but it seems to be a little better now. I did take a muscle relaxer that may be helping but it hasn't helped my back so WHO KNOWS??????????

We got lucky. The storms and thunders did not hit Little Rock until after we got home. That way the little dog wasn't at home by herself in the storms. They scare her so much. BTW, I did spell "thunders" correctly, that is what we call them here at SageMoon Cottage. The rain and storms have moved on and we will have clear weather for a few days. YAY!!!!

Oh going back to the doctor, she has prescribed a particular kind of knee brace for me. I hope it comes in my size. We shall see. She also prescribed exercises I can do to strengthen the muscles that hold my patella in place. I hope they works. I don't want to go through this ever again. My knees are too important to me. They are rather essential to getting around.

I made potatoes with poached eggs for dinner tonight. It was pretty good. Tomorrow will be venison steak with rice. YUMMERS!

I can't think of much more to allow. My eyes are really blurry and I think I have done good to write this much.



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