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I find myself waxing nostalgic on this Friday evening. I think about my mother and sister going to run the flea market tomorrow. I remember when I used to drag my fat fanny out of bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings to go sell at the flea markets in the area. It almost killed me dead. Now I LOVED talking to people who came in and out of my booths and chatting about this, that and the other thing. I loved getting to shop at the other booths. I indulged in my passion for late 50s Pyrex mixing bowls, cheap novels and cheap surplus groceries. I could get us a HUGE bag of wonderful red potatoes for $2 and we had some good eatin' with beans from other booths and potatoes straight from the farm. I'd also get fresh tomatoes and plentiful ears of corn. Those were hard days but they were filled with joy and adventure too. Some days were HOT and some days the temperatures did not get above freezing. So there was always either a fan going or a fire barrel burning. We survived the heat and cold while being grateful for the days that had temperatures in between the two extremes.

My daddy is going deer hunting tomorrow. No doubt someone will bag a deer, maybe more than one someone will do so. This will put meat on the table during the year and will help the males in our family work off some of their testosterone. I think that working off some testosterone is good for a male. I realize that some males get their testosterone pumped up by hunting and you can't tell just by looking at them who will get settled down and who will get more randy with hunting. I think it has to do with the amount of alcohol ingested at deer camp. Daddy and his boys seldom imbibed in alcohol and I think that all that manly man stuff settled them down a bit but that is just my observation.

We had red beans and rice for dinner tonight. I thought they needed some stewed tomatoes in them. Stephanie was glad they were stewed tomato free. She has a bias against tomatoes that I just don't understand. I think it is because she's not from around here. She was born in San Francisco. I will say that she does like fried green tomatoes which helps to redeem her in some ways. Um, wish I had me some fried green tomatoes with cream gravy and angel biscuits. A little heavenly hash would make a great dessert too. Yum, yum!!!! I can't believe I am thinking about fried green tomatoes with cream gravy when I already at a good bate of red beans and rice. Shame knows my name! LOL!!!!

Today was a quiet at home day. The little dog got stirred up and barked around a few times but other than that it was kind of peaceful and calm on the old home front. I cooked up that aforementioned beans, made a few gallons of iced tea and drank them all. I pined for some ice cream but realized that I am never going to lose the weight I need to drop if I don't give up ice cream. I don't know why I am so stuck on it right now. Used to be that I could take it or leave it but for the present ice cream is like crack for me only it is cheaper and legal. SIGH!

I can't seem to get my gears going for my story. I sit down and write every night. You read the results of that writing but while I can craft my story in my head I just can't get it written. Maybe now is not the time for it to come unto fruition. I am not going to get wrapped around the axle about it, I am going to let my muse take her time. She knows what needs to happen. In the meantime I just keep writing other stuff to stay in practice. It is my calling, my heart, my art.

Well, I guess I will close for tonight.



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